Getting the Click

Email campaigns are the strongest relationship building tools in your marketing arsenal. You reach out regularly to send a personalized message to your target audience, and that tactic does not go unnoticed- if they actually open it…

That’s the biggest hurdle you’ll face in your email marketing efforts.

It’s easy to deliver those little missives filled with high-quality content to every inbox, but it’s a little more challenging to create the email that stands out among hundreds AND compels your audience to click.

The average person gets over 100 business-related emails every day. Obviously, they’re not going to read them all, so how do you make sure your email gets out of the inbox and in front of the right eyes?

Here are a few tips to make your message pop:

  • Go bold.
    Headlines hold the top real estate in every inbox, so yours needs to draw the eye immediately. Dynamic language and strong statements that create a sense of urgency are the ones that get clicks.
    Your goal is to get your audience interested from the very first line. If you can create a headline that piques their interest and sparks their curiosity, you’ll get the click.
  • Hold the cheese.
    Overused, trite headlines with a million exclamation points aren’t going to do the trick. It’s the email equivalent of clickbait, and your audience isn’t falling for it.
    You don’t need gimmicks; you need creativity and originality. If you’re relying on all-caps or a chorus line of emojis to woo your audience, it’s time to rethink your strategy.
  • Customize your message. 
    Your audience is segmented for a reason. Customers that have just embarked on the buying journey will respond differently to a message than those who are almost ready to convert.
    It requires more work than a one-size-fits-all campaign that sends the same email to every customer, but a personalized email that speaks to each audience segment’s mindset brings far better results than a generic email blast.
  • Don’t give up.
    You know the old saying that begins, “If at first you don’t succeed…”? It applies to email campaigns as well. Some members of your audience might not open your email the first time you send it, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.
    It takes some time to discern the wording and tone that gets the best response. Try sending it again in a week or two with a brand-new headline. If it has a better success rate than your original attempt, you’ll know you’ve tapped into the secret of what appeals to your audience.

Getting your audience to open your email is a big accomplishment- you created something that stood out in a sea of competition, and that’s not easy to do! But don’t stop there- make sure that the body of your email is just as eye-catching and interesting as your headline.

When you can keep their attention from greeting to CTA, you’ve made major gains towards building long-term relationships and a strong base of loyal customers.

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