GMB is the Key to Improving Local SEO

When was the last time you Googled your business?

It’s probably not something you do regularly. After all, you know your address, phone number, and business hours- but prospective customers don’t.

If they search your keywords and the information they find via Google is incorrect or outdated, you’re losing business.

Good local SEO strategy begins with your Google listing. The best way to connect with new customers and ensure that your profile is accurate is to create a Google My Business (GMB) account.

When you set up an account, you not only certify that potential clients receive reliable information, you also open yourself to the opportunity to request and respond to reviews, and announce upcoming events and offers through your business profile.

Your GMB listing puts you on the map- literally. Without it, you won’t appear on Google Maps, or make the Google Local Pack (the top three businesses that appear under the map).

Setting up a Google My Business account is fast, easy, and FREE. Go to and sign in using your business Google or Gmail account. After you’ve verified ownership of your business, you’re ready to set up your Google Business Profile.

Once you’ve completed your profile, there are 5 steps you can take to optimize your listing, make it more visible, and improve your ranking.

  1. Add a photo- businesses who include a photo get 42% more requests for directions through Google Maps and 35% higher clickthrough rate than businesses who don’t.
  2. Write a great business description- You want an attention-grabbing description that tells users what you do AND shows them what sets you apart from your competition. Be creative but stay within the business description guidelines.
  3. Include relevant keywords- note the “relevant.” You should include keywords that prospective customers are likely to search, but keyword stuffing is a big NO.
  4. Get good reviews- reviews impact your ranking. The better your reviews, the higher you rank.  And the best way to get good reviews is to simply ask! 62% of customers will be happy to write you a review- all you have to do is ask.
  5. Update and maintain your listing- active accounts are more prominent than ones that are rarely updated. Regularly post about new products, services, or special offers, and include links and CTA’s.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is the quickest and easiest way to boost your local SEO, and Resonetrics can help. Visit to learn more about the SEO packages we offer.