3 Reasons I Chose My Contractor

I’ve worked with many contractors over the years as their digital marketing partner, but when I recently embarked on a home renovation project, I found myself on the other side of the fence.
As a customer, I had to meet with several highly recommended contractors, and each one brought different strengths to the table. But when it was all said and done, one contractor stood out from the competition, and that’s who I chose for the job. Here’s why:


  • He Was Reliable and Responsive from the Start
    He was able to set up a consultation within days of my initial call, he was on time for our meeting, and he could give me an exact start date for the project along with a clear timeline.


  • He Had Great Ideas
    I had an overall vision for this project, but it was admittedly hazy! He was able to take my initial ideas and flesh them out into a finished product that was better than anything I could have imagined. He also had smart suggestions for materials that cost a little more but were ultimately a much better choice. He explained his recommended upgrades in a way that didn’t feel like he was being pushy or trying to upsell just to make a few more bucks.


  • His Team was Outstanding
    Contractors are responsible for a lot of moving parts. My project required framers, roofers, and painters, and every single person brought an incredible level of professionalism and skill to the job. They were on time every day (even early!), they worked hard, their work was impeccable, and they cleaned up after themselves at the end of every day. Their attention to detail made it very clear that my chosen contractor set very high standards for his team, and that made me want to recommend him to everyone I know!When you’re devising a marketing message for potential customers, it’s really important to speak to their needs. Homeowners want reliable, trustworthy service providers who are just as invested in the project as they are. You want them to know that you truly value their business and that you will take care of their home as if it was your own.I chose my contractor because of his fast response time, clear communication, and amazing team, and I’ll reward his hard work by leaving a great review and recommending him to everyone I know.

    Most contractors rely on word-of-mouth advertising, and referrals are truly the secret to long term success. When you bring skill, reliability, and a team comprised of the best of the best to the table, you’ll have no trouble getting the referrals you need to keep your business growing and thriving for years to come!

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