2022 Web Design Trends to Watch

2022 Web Design Trends to Watch

Web design trends change a little bit every year, and 2022 is no exception! 

This year’s trends have one thing in common - MAJOR creativity. We’re seeing an emphasis on fun interactive content, revivals of retro looks, and bold, experimental designs that immediately grab the eye. 

Whether your brand’s aesthetic is casual and fun, or sophisticated and avant garde, you’re sure to find a look that stands out in these 2022 web design trends:


  • Have FUN!!
    Who couldn’t use a little more fun after the last couple of years? Web designs are incorporating humor, animation, and interactive experiences to create web design that appeals to audiences and keeps them coming back for more. 
  • Let’s Go Retro
    If you loved the 90’s, this trend is for you. We’ve seen a lot of 90’s, early aughts inspired design in trends in everything from fashion to home goods, so why not add some retro flair to your web design? (Maybe that annoying AOL connect tone?) Keep your design from going too far back by using modern color schemes and fonts. 
    If the 90’s feel isn’t your jam, what about embracing a new version of the roaring 20’s by incorporating art deco elements into your web design? Whatever the era, retro designs are a fun nod to the past that can lead your website into the future. 
  • Be Bold
    Lots of web designers are experimenting with bold, stark, almost-brutalist design. This is GREAT news for sophisticated, high-end brands. 
    Bold typography, a classic black and white color scheme, and minimal imagery can give your website an eye-catching, elegant look that represents your cultivated, refined brand beautifully. 
  • Simplify
    Your audience is busy, and they don’t have a lot of time to hop around to multiple pages on a website. Why not give them everything they need in a single page? 
    Designers are flocking to simple, single-page designs that provide all the information users need in an easy-to-scroll format. 
  • Create More Space
    You don’t want your web design to overwhelm your visitors, and that’s exactly what happens if you try to cram too many images on a page. 
    New trends are encouraging simpler designs, cleaner lines, and more white space - but that doesn’t mean you should forgo images all together. Try using collage images for a big impact without clutter. 
  • Be Like Bigfoot
    Okay, that’s a stretch - you don’t need to roam the woods like a sasquatch - but you SHOULD make good use of your footers. 
    More and more designers are using a “mega footer” technique that includes a much larger footer that contains a lot of information. You can include a CTA, page links, links to social media profiles and more - as long as you keep it organized! Columns work well for separating categories and maintaining a streamlined look. 

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