3 Reasons You Should Include PPC Advertising in Your SEO Strategy

3 Reasons You Should Include PPC Advertising in Your SEO Strategy

As a home services provider, you understand the importance of getting your name in front of customers, but it’s getting harder and harder to get the exposure you need organically. Organic reach through social media is all but dead, and even relying on strong SEO strategies might not be enough to get your business in front of your community. 

If you haven’t added Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to your marketing plan, it’s probably time. Free advertising through SEO is great, but it’s not enough to give you the competitive edge you need in today’s busy home services market. Plus, PPC ads can give your SEO a huge boost, and help you get far more exposure than SEO alone. 

Here’s why - although PPC ads don’t directly impact your SEO, when you combine the two, you’ll see a HUGE increase in visibility that can attract a whole slew of new customers. PPC ads can also be an incredible source of data that helps you improve your current SEO strategy for even better results.

Here are 3 ways PPC ads can boost your SEO:


  1. PPC ads give your business a LOT more exposure.

    When you buy a PPC ad, it will appear at the top of the search results - meaning that prospective customers will see your business first. They might not click right away, but if they keep scrolling, they’ll see your business again in the organic listings (hopefully in one of the top three spots!)

    So, that’s twice the exposure in a single search. And since you’re a local business, the news is even better. When customers search your key words, they’ll see your PPC ad first, then your Google My Business listing, and then they’ll spot your business a 3rd time in the organic listings! That’s a serious boost to your visibility and brand awareness. 
  2. PPC ads help you build trust.

    The more customers see your business, the more trustworthy it seems. Think about it - if you’re searching for a roofing company and one company pops up over and over in your search results, that’s going to get your attention, right? 

    When potential customers see your name over and over, it positions you as a reputable, trustworthy business, and that makes them far more likely to pick you over your competition. That’s definitely worth the price of your PPC ad!
  3. PPC ads help you improve both your SEO and targeted marketing strategies.

    It can take a while to determine if your SEO keywords are working, but PPC ads give you instant feedback. Basically, if you’re getting lots of clicks, your keywords are on target, and if you’re not, it’s time to add some new ones to your lineup. When you apply this to your SEO strategy, you instantly boost your chances of scoring one of the top search result spots. 

    Your PPC ads also tell you a lot about your customers. It’s lets you know who’s searching for your services, what they’re interested in, what they like, and what they dislike. That’s a data goldmine right at your fingertips! When you incorporate the data into your existing targeted advertising strategy, you’ll get far better results. 

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