5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instagram Profile

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instagram Profile

The home service industry is ALL about looks! 

You need a marketing strategy that shows off your premier projects and shines the spotlight on your stellar skills, and Instagram is a GREAT place to start. 

Instagram is a highly visual social media platform, and it’s an ideal choice for artists, tradesmen, and designers who want to show off their talents. 

If you’re new to Instagram, or if you’re not using the platform to its full potential, here are some tips to help you spruce up your profile and nail your content strategy:

  • Boost Your Bio

    Your bio tells customers who you are and where to find you, but it’s also a prime spot to add a little extra flair that tells them what your business is all about.

    You’ll want to start with the basics- name, industry, location, and contact info- but don’t stop there! Up the interest by including a sentence or two that describes your business and your area of expertise and have fun with it! Give it some personality to make it stand out from the usual basic, boring business profile. 
  • Select Your Style (And Stick with It!)

    You want your Instagram posts to have a consistent look and style that reflects your overall aesthetic. 

    There are many ways to get this. You can choose a specific color scheme, a distinctive editing style, or a specific photography style that really stands out. Your goal is to create a signature style that’s very YOU and apply that to all your posts and stories.
  • Speaking of Stories…

    Don’t skip the story!! You want to get as many eyes on your business as you possibly can, and your stories can help you achieve maximum impact. 

    The story feature is a great place to share videos, promos, or even share top posts that could use a few extra views. 

    Don’t forget to save your stories to your highlights to create a gallery at a glance that shows off all your best work in one place. 
  • Be Creative AND Consistent

    Posting consistently is REALLY important. Ideally, you’ll post 1 or 2 times every day, but that requires a LOT of fresh content. 

    Obviously, you won’t have a newly completed project to show off every single day, but that’s where the creativity comes in! 

    Keep your feed current with shots of works in progress, behind the scenes videos, or even the occasional selfie or live video. Theis keeps you posting consistently and gives your audience a chance to get to know the people behind the logo. 
  • Time It Perfectly

    You might not have given much thought to the timing of your posts, but it turns out that timing is everything! 

    You want your posts to get as much traction as possible, so use your Instagram Insights to determine the best time of day to schedule new posts. 

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