5 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Your Home Service Business

5 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Your Home Service Business

It’s not always easy to find creative new ideas to market your home service business. 

After a while, all those advertising ideas start looking the same, and everything begins to feel a little “been there, done that…”

Here are 5 fresh ideas to give your marketing strategy a jump start! 

  1. Form a Partnership

    So many home services go hand-in-hand. Why not partner up with a compatible business to boost revenue? 

    You could work with a local real estate agent to get the scoop on new homebuyers that are in need of your services. Or pair with a local designer to help bring their client’s vision to life! Collaboration can be the key to bigger business AND better leads.
  2. Offer Service Plans

    Keep customers coming back for more with regularly scheduled service plans. Offering quarterly services, inspections, or additional service bundles is a great way to build long term relationships and promote customer loyalty. 

    Your clients will rely on you to keep their homes in great shape, and they’ll be far more likely to recommend you to others when they use your services regularly. 
  3. Focus on the Experience 

    Services can be a hard sell! You don’t have tangible products that your customers can see and touch, so you’ve got to promote the experience instead. 

    Focus on what they’ll get when they choose your company over your competition. Maybe it’s a great response time, reliable service, top quality materials, or just peace of mind that their home is in great hands. 
  4. Share Your Best Stories

    You know that customer reviews are worth their weight in gold, but video testimonials are even MORE valuable! 

    Social media posts and ads that include video get far more attention and engagement than their image-only counterparts. If you have an amazing tale of how you saved a customer in crisis, ask if they’d be willing to share their story in a short video. 
  5. Sponsor a Local Event

    The more potential customers see your name, the more likely they are to remember it when they’re in need of your services. 

    Get your logo out there and be a pillar of your community by sponsoring local events. You could be a patron for your local high school sports teams, organize a canned food drive for your area food bank, or team up with your fellow home service providers to put on a home expo for homeowners and prospective buyers. 

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