5 Signs It’s Time for a Website Update

5 Signs It’s Time for a Website Update

When’s the last time you updated your website? 

If you answered anytime within the last month, good job! You’re on the right track!

If it’s been a year or so, it’s probably time to make a few changes…

If it’s been over 5 years - sit down, we’ve got work to do! 

Experts generally agree that your website should undergo significant updates every 3-5 to keep it current with technology trends, but you should also be making regular content updates as well. 

Here are 5 signs that your website is ready for a refresh:


  1. It’s Been More Than 3 Years Since Your Last Major Update
    Technology moves FAST. Every day the market produces new features that make websites faster, better, and easier for users to navigate, and you want your website to be on top of the trends.
    This doesn’t mean you have to jump on every bandwagon or leap at every new product that becomes available, but you should stay aware of trends and incorporate the ones that benefit your brand or audience as often as possible. 
  2. You’ve Changed Your Branding 
    Your website is the workhorse of your brand. It introduces potential clients to your business and teaches them what you’re all about. If it doesn’t reflect the current look or feel of your branding, you’re sending mixed messages. 
    If you’ve changed your logo, taglines, color palette, etc. you need to update your website to reflect those changes and give your website visitors the most accurate representation of your brand. 
  3. You’re Not Optimized for Mobile Use 
    These days, most of your audience will be viewing your content on a mobile device- is your website keeping up? 
    You want your site to offer a premium user experience for your customers whether they’re at their desk or on their phone. Your website should load instantly, look amazing, and be easy to navigate on any device. Plus, websites that are optimized for both desktop and mobile use rank higher on Google, and we all know that better SEO leads to improved web traffic. 
  4. If Your Traffic is Decreasing
    You keep a close eye on your analytics, right? If you notice website traffic decreasing over time, it’s probably time for an update. 
    One of the most common culprits in a visitor slowdown is poor SEO. If your website isn’t grabbing one of the top spots in the search results, you’re unlikely to get the traffic you need to succeed. Updating your keyword strategy and adding new content can boost your ranking, improve your visibility, and increase your traffic. 
  5. Your Copy Isn’t Converting
    Your website introduces your customers to your brand, but it can’t stop there! You need compelling content that turns leads into customers. If that’s not happening, it’s probably time for more compelling content and copy. 
    Make sure that your website copy shows your customers exactly what you can do for them. Copy should identify common pain points and show how your business solves them. Include statistics, quotes, testimonials, and other user generated content to boost your authority and prove how well you know your stuff! 

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