5 Ways to Upgrade Your Image!

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Image!

Forget what your Mama told you - looks DO matter!

The home service industry is VERY visual. You want homeowners to know that you provide high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products at a great price, and the proof is in the pictures! Posts with images get over 80% more engagement than text-only content, so if you want to get eyes on your business, you need great images! 

Photos elevate your social media posts, get potential customers’ attention, and make your businesses stand out in the crowded marketplace. 

In fact, the images you choose for your social media posts could be the deciding factor when customers are ready to choose a service provider! With so much at stake, you DEFINITELY want to learn the secrets to choosing the best visuals for your social media marketing. 

Here are 5 great tips to help you choose the right images for your social media:


  1. Choose Images that Match Your Message

    You want to choose photos that showcase your skills, your professionalism and the details that set you apart from your competition. 

    The home service industry is all about building trust. Choose images that convey trustworthiness, reliability, and quality you can count on. 
  2. Keep Your Brand Identity Consistent

    Your business has a look and vibe all its own, and you want to choose images that reflect the unique feel of your brand. 

    Select images that are a great fit for your content AND your brand identity. They don’t have to be original (though it’s great to use original photos as often as you can!) but choose stock photos that fit the look and feel of your business. 
  3. Pick Compelling Images

    There are thousands upon thousands of stock images to choose from, and you want to pick the one that will get the most attention! Bright colors and strong composition draw the eye immediately and make your post shine in a crowded newsfeed. 

    But here’s a helpful tip - before choosing a stock image, make sure none of your competitors are using the same one. After all, you want to be a standout, not a copycat! 
  4. Use High-Resolution Images

    Grainy, pixelated photos won’t do much to promote your skills! You want high-quality, high-resolution photos that are crisp and engaging. 

    Sizes vary based on platform and the type of image, so don’t assume that a one-size-fits-all approach will work for your visuals! Do some research on the recommended image sizes on the platforms of your choice BEFORE you search for the perfect picture.
  5. Be Original!

    The days of needing a ton of expensive camera equipment to take a great picture are over. These days, you can capture AMAZING images with nothing but your phone! 

    Try your hand at creating original images for your posts- but there is one caveat, if you’re not a great photographer, it’s better to leave the visuals to the pros. Hire a professional photographer for your top projects to create a portfolio that showcases your amazing skills. 

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