The Face Behind the Brand

The Face Behind the Brand

You’re more than just a logo! 

Businesses that show the face behind the brand are generally far more successful than those who rely solely on branded marketing materials to attract new customers. 

Social media has made it incredibly easy for potential customers to get to know you and your team, so take advantage of this awesome opportunity to grow your business. 

Why it Matters:

  • Showing the people behind the brand humanizes your business, makes it more memorable, AND differentiates you from your competition.
  • You’ll boost your connection with your customers. The more they get to know you, the more loyal they’ll be to your business.
  • Faces automatically get more attention than logos, so a personal touch will stand out far more in a potential customer’s newsfeed. 
  • Customers want to engage with REAL people, especially when they’re trusting you with something as important as their home. 

How to Introduce the Faces Behind the Brand:

  • Write a great bio in the “About” section of your business profile. Include personal details about who you are and what matters to you. If you coach your kid’s soccer team in your spare time, or volunteer at the animal shelter on weekends, add it to your bio! 
  • These details help clients get to know the real you, and when they think of you as “John” rather than just “the plumber” you’ll always be the first one they call. 
  • Video is a powerful tool for nurturing your connection with your clients. Let them see you in action as you work on your latest project or help them build their own skills with short DIY tutorial videos. You’ll show off your talents AND build lasting relationships! 
  • Show up in your community by joining a service organization for business owners, sponsoring a little league team, or volunteering at events. Customers will see that you truly care about making a valuable contribution in your hometown, and they’ll be happy to support a business with strong community spirit. 
  • Show off your team as well. You couldn’t run your business without them, so shine the spotlight on the folks that help you get the job done. You could do an “employee of the month” post or share a great behind the scenes video that lets their winning personalities shine! 

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