How to Turn Clicks into Conversions!

How to Turn Clicks into Conversions!

If your Facebook ad is getting lots of clicks, you know you’re on the right track with your marketing strategy. 

Clicks mean that you’re getting potential customer’s attention, and that your message is compelling enough to make them take action. Great job!!

But if your clicks aren’t turning into conversions, you’ve still got work to do…

Clicks are the first big step on the journey to making the sale, but you can’t stop there! Here are 4 easy tips that will help you go all the way! 

  1. Start with a Great Website

    Getting clicks won’t help if you’ve got a sub-par website. As a home service provider, you want to show that you’re on the cutting edge of trends and top materials, and a slow, outdated website WON’T make a great first impression. 

    You need a website that looks as great as your projects! An attractive design, high page load speed, and easy navigation gives a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness that’s essential in the home service industry. 
  2. Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

    Potential customers want to know they’re getting a great value, so why not sweeten the deal with a discount code or special offer? 

    Not only does this put your business ahead of your competition, it also gives you the opportunity to build your list by collecting names and email addresses from potential clients who want to take advantage of your generous offer. 
  3. Add Your Awesome Reviews

    Nothing boosts your conversions more than a lengthy list of great reviews! 

    Customer testimonials are the most powerful tool you can use to grow your business, so it’s always a great idea to ask satisfied customers if they’d be willing to write a short review about their experience with you. 

    Feature reviews prominently on your website to convince potential customers that you’re the one for the job! 
  4. Communication is Key

    You want potential customers to know that you’re ALWAYS listening, so a quick response to questions or comments is essential. 

    Whether you receive a query through your website or a comment on your social media, try to respond as quickly as possible. If interested customers have to wait hours for a response, they might just move on to your competition…

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