Boost Your Business with These Sustainable Building Practices!

Sustainable building practices are more in demand than ever before, and conservation minded homeowners are likely to choose the contractor that offers the most earth-friendly services. Shifting to greener building practices can be a huge boost for your business, but with a plethora of products on the market, where should you start?

The U.S. Green Building council has some great ideas to help you green up your construction business!

  • Electric Construction Equipment
    Much like major automakers, construction equipment manufacturers are making the shift towards electric equipment. It’s a slow process, and you’re not likely to see big equipment going electric in the near future, but battery-powered tools are becoming more and more common on job sites. Switching gas-guzzling hand tools for their battery powered counterparts eliminates gas fumes, reduces noise, and creates a healthier working environment for your team.
  • Low-Carbon Concrete
    Many people don’t realize that cement is a HUGE source of pollution. In fact, the EPA ranks it as the 3rd largest contributor to industrial pollution! Yikes!! Concrete materials that reduce the use of cement in their manufacturing process can be helpful in reducing cement emissions.
  • Low-Carbon Wood
    Wood is natural and environmentally friendly, but the timber industry can take a major toll on Mother Earth. Sourcing lumber from companies that specialize in sustainability by planting trees to replace those that are cut down can significantly decrease the impacts of deforestation.
  • Organic or Recycled Materials
    The construction industry is finding amazing ways to use organic materials to create building products, and many are using recycled materials in their production process to cut down on non-renewable raw materials.Sustainable building practices aren’t just good for the earth, they’re good for your bottom line as well! Creating a marketing message around sustainability and your green practices can attract a whole trove of climate conscious homeowners and set you apart from your competition.

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