Is It Time for a Change?

Is It Time for a Change?

If we’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that the world changes QUICKLY!!

It’s important for your brand to keep up with current trends, and digital marketing makes it possible to update your messaging whenever the world (or just the home service industry!) shifts. 

Changes to your marketing message or visuals aren’t always spurred on by earth-shaking events. Sometimes you might find that your original marketing strategy isn’t working as well as you’d hoped. Or, you might stumble on a new strategy that really resonates with your customers – and you’ll ALWAYS want to implement that as quickly as possible! 

Here are 5 situations where you might need to pivot your marketing strategies:

You Picked the Wrong Platform
With so many social media marketing channels available, picking the right one can be a bit of a gamble. Even if you’ve done your research to choose the platforms that appeal to your customer base, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it right EVERY time. 
If you find that potential customers aren’t flocking to your page profile, it’s no big deal. It’s easy to make the switch to a higher-performing platform that meets your marketing needs. 
Your Ads Aren’t Working
Nobody wants to spend time and money on an ad campaign that’s going nowhere. Luckily, when you rely on digital marketing, you’ll have an analytics dashboard that tells you EXACTLY how your ads are performing. 
No more waiting around hoping you’ll get the results you want. If you see your ad isn’t making a major impact, you can pivot quickly to a more successful strategy. 
Your Content Isn’t Connecting
Content marketing is all about building connections and nurturing relationships. When you’ve hit the right message and tone, you’ll know it by a steady stream of likes, comments, and shares. 
But if you find that your engagement rate is lagging, you’ll have countless options for creating new content (like videos, tutorials, or product demos) that gets your clients’ attention. 
You’re Relying on Tired Material
The temptation to stick with tried-and-true marketing formats is understandable, but what worked in the past may not be as successful in the future. 
You might have started your business by placing ads in the Penny Saver, but that strategy isn’t going to take you far in today’s digital world! Digital marketing tactics allow your message to evolve with the times and trends so it’s always fresh. 
Your Business Needs More Attention
Let’s be honest – if you’re in the home service industry, you have a LOT of competition. You’re going to need savvy marketing tactics to make your business stand out from the crowd, and these days, the entrepreneur who masters digital marketing wins. 
Prospective customers start with search engines when they’re looking for home services, and if your name isn’t the first one they see, you’re going to lose business opportunities. 
Digital marketing increases your visibility and puts you right in front of potential customers at the exact moment they’re ready to buy. 
Finding the right digital marketing strategy for your business can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help! Check out to learn more about Resonetric’s digital marketing services. 


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4 Unique Marketing Ideas for Your Home Service Business

4 Unique Marketing Ideas for Your Home Service Business

When you Google “marketing tips for home service business” you’ll get lots of information. 

The only problem? Most of it is the same advice over and over again…

You’ve already created your GMB listing, you’re getting reviews from every satisfied customer, and you’re using a mix of organic content and paid ads to round out your social media marketing. 

Is there anything else you can do to get ahead of your competition? 


Here are 4 unique ideas to add to your marketing strategy:


Add Video
Video marketing is highly effective for most companies, but when you’re a home service provider, it can truly take your business to the next level. 
If you take the time to create interesting, informative how-to videos and add them to your marketing emails, you can increase your clickthrough rate by 200-300%. That’s crazy, right??
Plus, it’s ready-made content for your social media platforms that not only gets customer’s attention, but also helps them remember your company. After all, 80% of viewers remember ads they’ve seen in the last 30 days – and that alone is a great reason to break out the camera!
Add a Live Chat Option
When customers visit your website, they want to see real-life examples of your work, but they also want to ask questions. You can simplify the process considerably by adding a live chat option to your website. 
You’ll be able to answer questions, provide project details, and collect customer information in real time so you’ll never lose a lead. Plus, people generally prefer a text or chat option to a phone call, so a live chat button could help increase your conversions. 
Make It Fun
Advertising isn’t just about providing information – it’s also about getting attention. And you know what gets customer’s attention? Free stuff. 
Holding a contest or giveaway on social media is a great way to connect with customers, boost engagement, and generate new leads. 
All you have to do is offer a cool prize like a discounted or free service, set a timeline, tell customers how to enter (I like the comment and share approach), and pick a winner when the big day comes. 
Get Better Branding
The more often customers see your logo, the more likely they’ll be to remember you when they need your services, so put that thing EVERYWHERE! 
Your logo should be featured on all your marketing materials, business cards, uniforms, and equipment. Heck, you can even use your ride as a rolling billboard with a custom vehicle wrap or magnet. 
Branded swag is also great for keeping you at the forefront of your customer’s mind. I got a coffee mug from my plumber a couple of years ago that’s still in regular rotation around my house. When I’ve got clogged pipes, guess who I’m going to call??

When it comes to creative marketing, the sky’s the limit. Never be afraid to try something unique to get your customer’s attention – it might be the thing that pushes you far ahead of your competition! 

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A Digital Marketing Partner Helps You Take Back the Holidays

A Digital Marketing Partner Helps You Take Back the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the busiest. 

When the holidays hit, business owners often feel more swamped than ever. Work isn’t slowing down, and your personal life is amping up. You’ve got to find the time to enjoy holiday traditions with friends and loved ones, but your customers are clamoring to get ready for 2022, and their demands are constantly increasing. 

How can you do it all? Is it possible to be present and engaged with all the holiday fun while also keeping your business on track and your customers happy? 

It is if you have a digital marketing partner (DMP). 

A digital marketing partner functions as your off-site marketing department, and there’s no limit to what they can do! 
When you have a DMP backing you up, you can focus on the joys of the season and eliminate the stress. You can actually get some much-needed time away from your desk because you know your digital marketing partner:

Understands Your Business
They get what you do, AND they can help you do it better. Your expert marketing team knows how to up your marketing efforts and expand your brand. They can even help you make the most of the holiday buying boost by maximizing your Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday marketing strategies. 
Knows Your Customer Space
Your customers want more marketing options in 2022? Your digital marketing partner can deliver. They understand your customers’ specific business requirements, and they can create and implement strategic marketing plans for each one. 
Can Take on Anything!
Your DMP is ready to integrate seamlessly into your workflow and help you do more. You’re not limited by time or talent, because you have it all in one place! 
A digital marketing partner gives you the biggest gift of all this holiday season- more time to do what you love. When you know that all of your marketing needs are covered, you’re free to drink eggnog, play the dreidel game, air your grievances, or anything else that gets you in the holiday spirit! 

If you’d like to learn more about how a digital marketing partner can benefit your business, Resonetrics would love to show you! Please visit to get your FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Partner. 

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Your Ideal Content Calendar (Content Not Included)

Your Ideal Content Calendar (Content Not Included)

Use this helpful guide to make your next round of social media scheduling easier and more effective:


What to Post:

Video (organic engagement is highest on posts that include native or live video)
User Generated Content
Funny or entertaining posts and memes
Current events
Inspirational quotes and images
When to Post:

At least one post a day, but no more than two. Daily posting grows followers 4 times faster than sporadic or weekly posting. 
The best time of day to post is at 9 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm, and Thursday-Sunday brings the highest number of views.

What to Post:

Video (vertical, please!)
High-quality native images
Shoppable links
Campaign-specific hashtags
Stories with filters, stickers, and other visual effects
Interactive stories that include polls, questions, or contests
When to Post:

2-3 feed posts per week, but no more than 1 per day. Instagram’s Chief officer suggests that 2 feed posts per week and 2 stories per day is the magic number for building a larger following.
The best time to post is between 10am and 3pm, and Wednesdays bring the heaviest traffic. 

What to Post:

Images rather than video- Twitter is the outlier where video is actually the least popular format
List-based or how-to content
Follow the “rule of thirds”- 1/3 of your posts should promote your business, 1/3 should share personal stories, and 1/3 should share insights from experts or influencers. 
When to Post:

At least once a day, no more than 5 posts per day
Twitter gets the most engagement Wednesdays at 9am and Thursdays at 9am and 8pm.

What to Post:

Content centered around people- highlight team members or customers
“Best of” list for your industry, people that inspire you or influence you, and technology
Native content- blogs, articles, video, images, PDF documents
Interactive content that encourages engagement- polls, questions, requests for feedback
Video, especially live video, brings the highest rates of engagement
When to Post:

At least once a day, but no more than 5 posts per day
The best time for B2C businesses to post is between 11am and 2pm, but B2B businesses should post outside of 9-5 business hours. 
Now you have everything you need to build your content calendar except the content! If you’d like to learn more about how Resonetrics can help you level up your social media content strategy, visit

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10 Ways to Update Your Content Strategy

10 Ways to Update Your Content Strategy

Content is king – that’s not exactly breaking news. You know that good social media marketing strategy is founded on a steady stream of high-quality valuable content. But it’s easy to forget that the definition of “high-quality” content is constantly shifting. 
The things that were amazing a year ago can be completely passe’ today. And if you’re inadvertently churning out boring, dated content, you won’t get the results you want to see.
Here are 10 ways to update your content and keep your feed fresh!

Audit your current strategy
When is the last time you really sat down and looked at all the working parts of your overall content strategy? Might be time for a few revisions. And if you’ve been relying on the “spaghetti method” (you know, the one where you throw everything at the wall and see what sticks?) it’s DEFINITELY time to up your game and put in the time and research to devise a targeted strategy.
Build a sense of community
Having a lot of followers is great, but it’s not enough for the long run. You want to turn your followers into an active, engaged community based around your brand. Keep that in mind when you’re creating new content. Consider options like private Facebook groups to bring your followers together and create a space where they all feel like they belong. 
Original content is key
Sure, it’s much easier to curate content from other sources, but it won’t bring nearly the same kind of engagement as unique, original content. If you’re relying heavily on curated or automated content, try bringing more of your own native content into the mix- you’ll be amazed by your audience’s response. 
Video is bigger than ever
Social media users love video, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. If you’ve hesitated to add video to your content lineup, it’s go-time. Start with pre-recorded if you’re a bit camera shy, but as you get more comfortable, try more live video. 
Reinvent the webinar
It seems like everyone has a webinar these days, so if you want people to attend yours, you’ve got to try something new. Nobody wants to waste a half hour clicking through slide after slide. Go live with an interactive masterclass so your audience can ask questions and share in real time. 
Embrace new platforms
You’re probably juggling several platforms as is, but there might be one you’ve overlooked- YouTube. Now that you’re creating all of that great video content, you need a good place to share it!
Bring back the newsletter
Companies are breathing new life into the old newsletter. It’s the perfect way to announce company updates, launch new products or services, share your story, or highlight the people behind your brand and send it directly to your customers’ inbox. 
Repurpose content
Original content is best, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the same content in different ways. You need a lot of material, and it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel every time. Repurpose or repackage evergreen content for cross posting on multiple channels. 
Focus on evergreen content
Ephemeral content is popular, but it’s got a VERY short shelf life. Focus more of your content creation on longform, evergreen pieces that can be used in multiple iterations over long periods of time. 
Care about your content
Here’s the thing, if you don’t truly care about the content you produce, how can you expect your audience to care? Write about what matters to your brand. Blog about the aspects of your business that get you excited and fired up. When you produce content that you’re passionate about, your audience will take note.

If you’d like more ideas on freshening up your content strategy, visit Resonetrics at 

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5 Things You Need to Know About Google Ads

5 Things You Need to Know About Google Ads

Google Ads are a smart, cost-effective marketing option for many small businesses – particularly local businesses. Google has offered ad options for a long time, but the features and formats have evolved a great deal over the years. 
In fact, Google has rolled out several new trends just in the last 6 months! As usual, the ever-changing algorithm is keeping marketers on their toes! 
It’s important to understand what’s new and be aware of changes on the horizon so you can make the most of your Google Ad budget. 
Here are 5 recent changes that should be on your radar:

New Bidding Strategies
You probably know how Google Ads work – you place bids on keywords and search terms and set the max you’re willing to pay per click. If you win, you secure a top SERP spot for your ad- but that’s all changing…
Google is now offering a Target Return on Ad Spend (tROAS) bidding option that allows you to bid based on your predicted average conversion value rather than your predicted conversion rate. This gives you the option to maximize your conversion value rather than simply maximizing your conversion rate, and that ultimately boosts your revenue. 
Simplified Campaign Tools
Google introduced Smart Campaigns in 2019 to handle targeting and optimization for less experienced advertisers. Now, they’re making it even easier to build an ad campaign with their Performance Max option. 
Performance Max allows you to advertise on all Google-owned channels, and it basically builds your campaign for you. You provide information on your campaign goals and objectives, your budget and bidding parameters, your ad copy, and your location, language, and ad scheduling, and Google does the rest! 
Updated Keyword Matching
The days of single keyword ad groups are over! Google is focusing on making it easier for users to get relevant results no matter what search terms they use, so they created Simplified Match Types.
They’ve updated their phrase match and broad match modifier keywords to have the same matching behavior. This means that they can show results for exact matches, phrase matches, broad matches, and even phrases that include the meaning of your keywords. 
New Ad Formats
Google is offering a host of new ad formats, and many of them are fantastic tools for local businesses. You can pick from options like Auto Suggest Ads to feature your store in auto suggest results near users’ location. Or you could use Navigational Ads to have your business shown on a user’s navigation route regardless of their search destination. 
You could also try Similar Places Ads to share your business with users who are searching for similar locations nearby. And don’t forget about Discovery Ads- they’re displayed in places like smartphone discovery feeds, Gmail, and YouTube to help new audiences discover your brand. 
Capture More Leads
With 3rd party cookies going the way of the dodo bird, smart marketers have had to come up with savvier ways to capture data from promising leads. 
Google is helping you out by offering Lead Form Ad Extensions. You can place the extension at the end of your ad so users can submit their information directly rather than being redirected to your website.

These are just a few of the many new features Google plans to introduce over the course of the year. If you’d like some advice on creating the most effective Google Ad campaigns for your business, Resonetrics can help! Visit to learn more about the advertising services we offer. 


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10 Steps to a Stronger Social Media Presence

10 Steps to a Stronger Social Media Presence

When executed properly, your social media strategy can take your business to new heights. Social media has the ability to expand your brand awareness, increase your customer base, and build an active, engaged community of loyal followers- but you have to know how to play the game. 
The brands that bring the best ROI from their social media efforts are the ones that stay active, consistently produce valuable content, and strive to build meaningful relationships with their followers. 
It takes time, and it’s not always easy- but it’s well worth it! 
Here are 10 steps you can take to build a stronger social media presence:

Join multiple platforms.
Please note- that doesn’t say “join ALL platforms.” You want to stick with ones that meet your goals and target audience specifications, but the more platforms you’re on, the more audience exposure you’ll get. 
Build out your profile and optimize it.
Your social media profile can provide a wealth of information to potential customers- as long as you complete it! Don’t skimp on the details. Create a captivating bio and make use of the “about” info to share what makes your business special and unique. Include relevant keywords to help new followers find your business. 
Post consistently!
The worst thing you can do with your social media is post sporadically. If you don’t post regularly and reliably, your followers will forget about you. Create a content calendar that helps you stay on track and present a variety of content. At least one post per day is a good rule to follow, though some platforms like Twitter perform better with multiple posts per day. 
Produce quality content. 
Don’t waste your followers’ time with junk. Earn their loyalty with content that is valuable, helpful, and engaging. Provide helpful tips, how-to videos, blogs or posts on relevant or trending topics, and interesting white papers. 
Limit sales posts.
Businesses use social media to make money- that’s no secret. But the fastest way to turn off followers is to post sales pitch after sales pitch. You can offer deals and promote special offers, but the vast majority of your content should be geared towards providing value or help to your audience, not making a sale. 
Use high-quality visuals. 
Posts that include images perform far better than posts without. You should include professional-quality photos, graphics, and videos whenever possible. Stock images are okay, but original imagery is even better. 
Create a signature style.
Your goal should be to make your brand instantly recognizable, and that means you need a signature style and voice that’s consistent across all platforms. Choose profile pictures and cover photos that represent your brand’s look and use them on all your social media profiles. Posts should be conversational and written in your style and tone. 
Focus on building relationships.
Social media is the most powerful relationship building tool in your toolkit. It allows you to engage with your customers in real time and foster a meaningful connection, but you have to stay on the ball! Respond to comments, thank customers for sharing, ask questions and respond to replies. This is the key to building a loyal community of followers. 
Make it easy for followers to find you. 
Include social media links or buttons on your website, business cards, and email signatures. 
Monitor your progress.
Use the analytics tools provided on each platform to judge the success of your social media efforts. When you see high levels of engagement, pinpoint the topics and formats your audience responds favorably to so you can do more of it.
A strong social media presence is vital to the success of your business. If you’d like to learn more about stepping up your social media marketing, let’s talk! 

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10 Ways to Get More Action

10 Ways to Get More Action

You can use email marketing to do almost anything.
Email is great for boosting awareness of all the outstanding products or services your company provides or educating customers about your brand’s mission. 
You can use email to build lasting, loyal relationships with customers by providing helpful tips, special offers, or exclusive opportunities. 
But sometimes, you just want to get some action…
A precise call to action (CTA) button prominently placed in your email acts as a portal that transports your audience from inbox to landing page and ultimately leads them to a conversion. 
By following a few simple steps, you can create stronger CTAs that encourage your audience to act quickly. 
CTA buttons should include:

A colorful, but clean design.
The CTA button should draw your reader’s eye- not attack it. 
Action-oriented text that gives precise instructions.  
Choose simple actions like, “click now,” “Get your free copy,” or “Save your seat.” 
A short, actionable statement. 
This is a button, not a novel, so you shouldn’t need more than sentence to get your message across. 
Large, legible text, but not so large that it overwhelms your email.
The CTA button should be clearly visible- not obnoxious.  
A sense of urgency. 
You want your audience to act quickly, so include phrases like, “Hurry- time is running out.” “Only 3 spots left!” or “Save 30% if you sign up today!” 
Variety- don’t use the same CTA in every email.
Switch it up and see which approach brings the best results. 
A little breathing room. 
A crowded email with too much text isn’t pleasing to the eye. Surrounding the CTA button with a little white space helps it stand out. 
Strategic placement. 
Your subject determines the best spot for your CTA button, and helps you decide whether it should be placed just below your headline, or at the bottom of your email. 
A clear benefit to your customer. 
Show them what’s in it for them and make your selling point clear. 
A conversational tone. 
You want your customers to take action, but you don’t want to sound too sales-y. Keep your wording clear, but conversational and light. 
A good CTA is the most vital part of your email, so don’t be afraid to try out different things. It’s as simple as sending the same email with different CTAs and seeing which one performs better.
You’ll know when you’ve hit the right mix of design, text, and tone, because you’ll get more action than ever!  
Resonetrics can show you how to do more with your email marketing. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, let’s talk: 

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Getting the Click

Getting the Click

Email campaigns are the strongest relationship building tools in your marketing arsenal. You reach out regularly to send a personalized message to your target audience, and that tactic does not go unnoticed- if they actually open it…
That’s the biggest hurdle you’ll face in your email marketing efforts. 
It’s easy to deliver those little missives filled with high-quality content to every inbox, but it’s a little more challenging to create the email that stands out among hundreds AND compels your audience to click. 
The average person gets over 100 business-related emails every day. Obviously, they’re not going to read them all, so how do you make sure your email gets out of the inbox and in front of the right eyes? 
Here are a few tips to make your message pop:

Go bold.
Headlines hold the top real estate in every inbox, so yours needs to draw the eye immediately. Dynamic language and strong statements that create a sense of urgency are the ones that get clicks. 
Your goal is to get your audience interested from the very first line. If you can create a headline that piques their interest and sparks their curiosity, you’ll get the click. 
Hold the cheese.
Overused, trite headlines with a million exclamation points aren’t going to do the trick. It’s the email equivalent of clickbait, and your audience isn’t falling for it. 
You don’t need gimmicks; you need creativity and originality. If you’re relying on all-caps or a chorus line of emojis to woo your audience, it’s time to rethink your strategy. 
Customize your message. 
Your audience is segmented for a reason. Customers that have just embarked on the buying journey will respond differently to a message than those who are almost ready to convert. 
It requires more work than a one-size-fits-all campaign that sends the same email to every customer, but a personalized email that speaks to each audience segment’s mindset brings far better results than a generic email blast. 
Don’t give up.
You know the old saying that begins, “If at first you don’t succeed…”? It applies to email campaigns as well. Some members of your audience might not open your email the first time you send it, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. 
It takes some time to discern the wording and tone that gets the best response. Try sending it again in a week or two with a brand-new headline. If it has a better success rate than your original attempt, you’ll know you’ve tapped into the secret of what appeals to your audience. 
Getting your audience to open your email is a big accomplishment- you created something that stood out in a sea of competition, and that’s not easy to do! But don’t stop there- make sure that the body of your email is just as eye-catching and interesting as your headline.  
When you can keep their attention from greeting to CTA, you’ve made major gains towards building long-term relationships and a strong base of loyal customers. 
If you’d like to learn more about how Resonetrics can help you create outstanding email campaigns that increase audience engagement and boost conversions, visit us at

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Why Email Marketing Works

Why Email Marketing Works

Want to get the most bang for your marketing bucks? 
Email is the way to go. 
Email marketing not only builds lasting relationships with your customers, but it also brings the highest ROI of any marketing channel. On average, a well-executed marketing campaign returns $40 in revenue for every dollar spent. That blows SEO marketing ($22.24) and Internet display ads ($19.72) out of the water! 
But what makes email marketing so effective? 
It all comes down to 3 factors. Email marketing campaigns:

Are easy to implement. 
Increase customer engagement and improve retention.
Integrate seamlessly with other marketing efforts.
Let’s break it down one-by-one. Easy to Implement
You don’t need a ton of new tools and tech to launch a successful email campaign. There are countless CRM email marketing platforms on the market and many of them are free.  These platforms help you create and launch your campaigns and provide the tools to measure and analyze your marketing efforts. Improve Engagement and Retention
Relationship marketing is big these days. Companies know that the secret to success is not just obtaining new customers but holding on to your loyal client base as well. A well-constructed, highly personalized email goes a long way towards forging lasting relationships with your customers. It’s an opportunity to show them that you understand who they are and what they want, and that you’re ready to deliver. Integrates With Other Marketing Efforts
Email marketing can act as the hub of all your marketing channels. It can direct your followers to your social media platforms or website with the click of an icon. You can use emails to promote your upcoming event, webinar, or speaking engagement. You can also use it as a sign-up sheet for your next online course, lead magnet, or special offer by including a link to your opt-in page. 
Email campaigns are the easiest and least expensive way to connect with your customers. They give you an opportunity to educate your target audience about your brand, provide valuable information, and deliver captivating content directly to their inbox. 
Email marketing can also effectively guide your customer to take action- all you need is a strong CTA that compels them “CLICK HERE” or “BUY NOW” and your email ferries them right to your landing page. 
Perhaps the strongest point in email marketing’s favor is its ability to keep your business on your customers’ minds. If your name and logo pop up in their email week after week, they’re going to remember you. And when they’re in the market for your products or services, the brand recognition that you’ve developed with your emails will be the deciding factor that makes the sale. 
Learn more about growing your business through email marketing at

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