6 Steps to Better Local SEO

6 Steps to Better Local SEO

Local SEO – you know you need it, and you know WHY you need it, but do you know how to make it better? 
Having a great website and a Google My Business (GMB) listing are a good place to start, but it’s not enough to get your business seen by a wide array of potential customers. 
You’ve got to know the inside tips and tricks to make the most of your local SEO, and here are 6 that will take your business to the top. 

Don’t rely on GMB alone. Setting up a GMB listing should be your first step, but don’t stop there! Featuring your business in several online directories is a smart way to expand your brand recognition and boost your SEO. List your business in local and national directories like Yelp and Angi. 
Get to know your NextDoor neighbors. The NextDoor app is an incredibly useful SEO tool. Not only does it help local consumers find your business, it also provides a place for satisfied customers to recommend your services to their neighbors. It’s easy to claim your free business page, and you can even add links to your website or online store. 
Update your information regularly. The most important part of your listing is your NAP information. That’s the name and place info that tells your customers where to reach you. If you change your phone number, or move to a new location, make sure that ALL of your online listings are updated with your new address and phone number. Incorrect contact information can cause your GMB to be red-flagged and dropped from local search results. 
Improve your local keyword strategy. Target local key words. Don’t just include your industry, include your location. Why settle for “lawyer, Atlanta,” when you can be “divorce lawyer, Buckhead”? Optimize your site with your local keywords by including them in your headings, title tags, descriptions, body, and footer. 
Use your content to promote local SEO. The more content you produce, the better chance you have at boosting your SEO. That’s especially important for local SEO. When you create content like blogs or social media posts around local news and events, you can include local keywords, thereby improving your ranking. 
Stay on top of reviews. Nothing sways a potential customer more than reviews- good or bad. Thank customers for positive reviews to show that you value and appreciate them. If an occasional negative review slips into the mix, address it immediately. Not only does it show that you care about meeting your customers’ expectations and providing satisfaction, resolving negative reviews is a point in your favor for Google, and the all-powerful algorithm. 
Learning the ins and outs of local SEO takes time, but it’s the most effective way to build your brand and generate new leads in your community. 
These 6 steps are just the tip of the iceberg- if you’d like to take an in-depth look at SEO strategy for your business, let’s talk. Book a discovery call at https://resonetrics.com/contact 

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Why Email Marketing Works

Why Email Marketing Works

Want to get the most bang for your marketing bucks? 
Email is the way to go. 
Email marketing not only builds lasting relationships with your customers, but it also brings the highest ROI of any marketing channel. On average, a well-executed marketing campaign returns $40 in revenue for every dollar spent. That blows SEO marketing ($22.24) and Internet display ads ($19.72) out of the water! 
But what makes email marketing so effective? 
It all comes down to 3 factors. Email marketing campaigns:

Are easy to implement. 
Increase customer engagement and improve retention.
Integrate seamlessly with other marketing efforts.
Let’s break it down one-by-one. Easy to Implement
You don’t need a ton of new tools and tech to launch a successful email campaign. There are countless CRM email marketing platforms on the market and many of them are free.  These platforms help you create and launch your campaigns and provide the tools to measure and analyze your marketing efforts. Improve Engagement and Retention
Relationship marketing is big these days. Companies know that the secret to success is not just obtaining new customers but holding on to your loyal client base as well. A well-constructed, highly personalized email goes a long way towards forging lasting relationships with your customers. It’s an opportunity to show them that you understand who they are and what they want, and that you’re ready to deliver. Integrates With Other Marketing Efforts
Email marketing can act as the hub of all your marketing channels. It can direct your followers to your social media platforms or website with the click of an icon. You can use emails to promote your upcoming event, webinar, or speaking engagement. You can also use it as a sign-up sheet for your next online course, lead magnet, or special offer by including a link to your opt-in page. 
Email campaigns are the easiest and least expensive way to connect with your customers. They give you an opportunity to educate your target audience about your brand, provide valuable information, and deliver captivating content directly to their inbox. 
Email marketing can also effectively guide your customer to take action- all you need is a strong CTA that compels them “CLICK HERE” or “BUY NOW” and your email ferries them right to your landing page. 
Perhaps the strongest point in email marketing’s favor is its ability to keep your business on your customers’ minds. If your name and logo pop up in their email week after week, they’re going to remember you. And when they’re in the market for your products or services, the brand recognition that you’ve developed with your emails will be the deciding factor that makes the sale. 
Learn more about growing your business through email marketing at https://resonetrics.com/services/email-marketing

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5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instagram Profile

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instagram Profile

The home service industry is ALL about looks! 

You need a marketing strategy that shows off your premier projects and shines the spotlight on your stellar skills, and Instagram is a GREAT place to start. 

Instagram is a highly visual social media platform, and it’s an ideal choice for artists, tradesmen, and designers who want to show off their talents. 

If you’re new to Instagram, or if you’re not using the platform to its full potential, here are some tips to help you spruce up your profile and nail your content strategy:

Boost Your Bio
Your bio tells customers who you are and where to find you, but it’s also a prime spot to add a little extra flair that tells them what your business is all about.
You’ll want to start with the basics- name, industry, location, and contact info- but don’t stop there! Up the interest by including a sentence or two that describes your business and your area of expertise and have fun with it! Give it some personality to make it stand out from the usual basic, boring business profile. 
Select Your Style (And Stick with It!)
You want your Instagram posts to have a consistent look and style that reflects your overall aesthetic. 
There are many ways to get this. You can choose a specific color scheme, a distinctive editing style, or a specific photography style that really stands out. Your goal is to create a signature style that’s very YOU and apply that to all your posts and stories.
Speaking of Stories…
Don’t skip the story!! You want to get as many eyes on your business as you possibly can, and your stories can help you achieve maximum impact. 
The story feature is a great place to share videos, promos, or even share top posts that could use a few extra views. 
Don’t forget to save your stories to your highlights to create a gallery at a glance that shows off all your best work in one place. 
Be Creative AND Consistent
Posting consistently is REALLY important. Ideally, you’ll post 1 or 2 times every day, but that requires a LOT of fresh content. 
Obviously, you won’t have a newly completed project to show off every single day, but that’s where the creativity comes in! 
Keep your feed current with shots of works in progress, behind the scenes videos, or even the occasional selfie or live video. Theis keeps you posting consistently and gives your audience a chance to get to know the people behind the logo. 
Time It Perfectly
You might not have given much thought to the timing of your posts, but it turns out that timing is everything! 
You want your posts to get as much traction as possible, so use your Instagram Insights to determine the best time of day to schedule new posts. 
When you’re ready to add on to your social media marketing strategy, we’re here to help! Visit https://resonetrics.com/services/social-media-marketing to learn more about our proven social media marketing packages! 

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5 Reasons You Should Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

5 Reasons You Should Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is constantly changing, but one trend has remained consistent over the past few years – video is taking over.  
In fact, last year alone, viewers have watched more than 1 BILLION hours of live video, and that astonishing number is expected to increase in coming years. 
It makes sense – video has a way of making viewers feel like part of the action. It’s real, in the moment, and it gets people excited about your brand. 
If you’ve been on the fence about adding video to your marketing strategy, check out these 5 reason to grab your camera and go live! 

Posts with videos have a much higher rate of engagement
You’ve known for quite a while that social media posts with images get a better response than text-only posts. Well, video brings an even bigger engagement boost – especially live video which keeps viewers watching 3 times longer than pre-recorded clips. 
Consumers prefer to learn about new products via short video
68% of users want to see your product in action! If you’re debuting something new, try a short how-to or product demonstration video to introduce your latest product, and don’t forget to add a shoppable link. 
Video can boost your SEO
As long as you optimize it! Use keywords in your file names, titles, descriptions and tags, and remember to subtitle or caption your videos since most viewers watch without sound. 
Video can increase your organic reach
Live video has become very popular with algorithms on almost every platform. It allows users to interact with you in real time, and that high-level engagement means that using live video increases your chances of your content getting seen by the right eyes. 
Video enhances your reputation as an expert in your field
Webinars and online courses have opened up a world of opportunity to share what you know. Even a short, live Q&A video goes a long way towards building your reputation as the go-to expert in your industry. 
As if this wasn’t enough to convince you that video is a smart strategy, there’s one more perk you should consider…
It’s incredibly easy! 
All you need is a smartphone, and maybe a simple editing app. No one is expecting expert cinematography here. Your message matters far more than your production value, so don’t let a lack of equipment hold you back. 
If you’d like more ideas to boost your marketing strategy, check out https://resonetrics.com/services/social-media-marketing. 

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How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Marketing Goals

How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Marketing Goals

Social media marketing has become the gold standard for most small business owners.
Print advertising and other media marketing formats are becoming increasingly expensive, and those prices are often out of reach for smaller businesses. Luckily, social media has given brands an excellent opportunity to expand their reach and build their audiences at a relatively low cost. 
However, with so many different platforms available, it can be challenging to choose the best distribution channels for your message. Each platform has unique features that make it stand out from the others, and your ad campaign objectives help determine which one is the best fit for your goals. 
Let’s look at some common campaign goals and highlight the social media platform that will help you achieve them.If You Want to Expand Organic Reach
It used to be one of the top marketing goals for advertisers on every channel. After all, who doesn’t want to reach as many people as they possibly can while spending little to no money? But as social media has evolved, it’s become harder and harder to expand your reach without a substantial ad budget. Luckily, some of the newer platforms excel at organic reach, especially if video is the cornerstone of your campaign.

TikTok is no longer limited to the under-18 crowd! They are now the leading platform for vertical video content, and they offer incredible opportunities to expand your brand without spending a cent. 
YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s answer to TikTok. They’ve increased their organic reach capabilities to compete with TikTok’s astronomical popularity, so you should take advantage of it while this brand-new option is still really affordable. 
If You Want More Brand Recognition 
Every up-and-coming business wants to be instantly recognizable, and social media is a great tool to help you achieve higher levels of brand recognition. While any platform can help expand your brand awareness, there are a couple that truly excel at this campaign goal.

Facebook and Instagram are known for building relationships between brands and their followers. Over 48% of Instagram users follow brands on Instagram, and they boast a far higher rate of engagement between brands and followers than any other platform. 
Twitter is also a go-to for building brand awareness. Over 90% of businesses use Twitter to improve their brand recognition, and branded hashtags make it incredibly easy to track your numbers and watch your influence grow! 
If You Want to Generate New Leads
Everyone wants a steady stream of new leads, right? It’s hard to grow your business if your sales pipeline isn’t filled with potential customers, so many business owners rely on social media to generate leads. In this case, your business determines the best platform for your ads. 

Facebook is the top choice for many B2C brands, followed closely by Instagram. These platforms are highly focused on engagement and relationship-building, so businesses use them to introduce themselves to prospective customers. 
LinkedIn and Twitter are the best choice for B2B businesses. These brands often appeal to a very specific customer, and it’s far easier to find them and connect on these platforms.  
If You Want to Build Your Online Community
Loyal, long-term customers are the foundation of a thriving business, and they’re deeply rooted in strong relationships and a deep sense of community. Social media can help you assemble, nurture, and engage your community of followers to build lasting relationships and an unbreakable bond with your audience. 

Facebook is the clear leader for building your community thanks to Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups allow you to create a private group for your audience and provide exclusive content and opportunities for your highly engaged followers.
If You want to Boost Conversions
At the end of the day – your main marketing goal is to make money, so you want to advertise on platforms that bring the highest conversion rates. It makes sense that the largest, most-used social media platforms would be the best picks for boosting your conversions. 

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the largest social media platforms with the highest number of users, so there’s a great chance your audience is already active on all of them. Spend your advertising dollars on the platform that is most popular with your audience and also brings the highest rate of engagement. 

Social media marketing changes frequently, and new platforms emerge regularly. If you’d like some help choosing the best platforms for your marketing objectives, let us know! https://resonetrics.com/contact

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The Perfect Gift for Business Owners

The Perfect Gift for Business Owners

The holidays have arrived full force. The halls are decked, and the shopping madness has begun. While you’re procuring treats and treasures for your friends and families, don’t forget about yourself. 

After all, you work hard – don’t you deserve something special this holiday season? I’ve got the perfect gift idea!

It’s not one that you can wrap, but it’s definitely something that will make your life a whole lot easier- a digital marketing partner (DMP)!

Sure, it’s not exactly a traditional gift, but who really wants 3 French hens, or 11 pipers piping? 

When you have a digital marketing partner, you’re giving yourself the gift of less stress and more productivity. You’re able to grow your business and offer your customers far more marketing options than you could ever do on your own. 

When you have a digital marketing partner, everyone is happy. 


Your clients have an expert team to help them build their brand, secure more qualified leads, and turn those leads into customers.
Your team can breathe a sigh of relief because your digital marketing partner lightens their load. A DMP also offers your team the opportunity to hone their marketing skills, learn new strategies, and discover the top tools marketing experts rely on. 
And you? You’ll love it most of all! You’ve suddenly got an entire marketing department at your fingertips. You can grow your brand without having to add more tasks to never-ending to-do list. You can take on more clients and bigger projects without adding to your workload. You can stop stressing out over every aspect of your business and center your focus on your area of expertise. 

Sounds pretty great, right? 

A digital marketing partner is truly the gift that keeps on giving! So, this year, skip the mall and give your online ordering a rest. Put a digital marketing partner on your wish list instead.

Ready to treat yourself? Visit https://resonetrics.com/products/services to discover all the ways we can make your business merry and bright! 

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5 Reasons a Digital Marketing Partner is Better than an In-House Marketing Team

5 Reasons a Digital Marketing Partner is Better than an In-House Marketing Team

Do you want to upgrade your brand’s marketing efforts AND offer a wider array of digital marketing services to your customers? 
I’ve got great news- you can skip the hiring process and forgo the overhead costs of hiring in-house talent. All you need is a digital marketing partner (DMP).

A digital marketing partner is an off-site creative marketing agency that pairs with your business to enhance your digital marketing potential, and it’s MUCH easier than hiring a brand-new marketing team. 

If you want to boost your digital marketing capabilities, here are 5 reasons to consider a digital marketing partner:


You’ll have the ability to work with talented marketing experts anywhere in the world! 
If you hire in-house, you’re limited to local talent, but a digital marketing partner pulls skilled individuals from all over. You can literally have your pick of the most accomplished marketing teams across the globe. 
You’ll have instant access to a pool of experts without the time commitment of finding, interviewing, vetting, and training potential hires. 
Your digital marketing partner has done all of that for you!  You get a full marketing team with a single phone call! 
You’ll save LOTS of money.
Let’s be honest, an in-house team is a major expense. You’ve got to cover salaries and benefits, not to mention the expense of office space large enough to accommodate a big team. A digital marketing partner offers all the advantages of an in-house marketing team at a MUCH lower cost. 
You won’t waste time with training and onboarding. 
A digital marketing partner is ready to hit the ground running. They’ve got years of experience that prepares them to integrate quickly and seamlessly with your business model. Avoid weeks of training new hires by hiring a DMP that’s ready to go! 
They’ve got skills that you don’t. 
You’re an expert in your field, and great at what you do, but that doesn’t mean you have to do EVERYTHING. A digital marketing partner brings a new level of skill and expertise to the table. They can fill in skill gaps and expand the opportunities for your business to grow. 

Why hire in-house when you can get everything you need with a digital marketing partner? It saves you time and money and frees you up to focus your talents on your area of expertise. 

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of a digital marketing partner visit https://resonetrics.com/resonetrics-guides/why-work-with-digital-agency-partner to download your FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Partner today! 


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You Could Have Had a Better Year…

You Could Have Had a Better Year…

We’re in the final stretch of 2021 – how’d your year go? 

Hopefully it was full of growth, new customers, and more money! But even if you had your best year yet, I’d be willing to bet that there’s still some room for improvement. 

No matter how well you did this year, you could have tackled even MORE if you’d had a digital marketing partner (DMP) on your side. Let’s look at some of the ways your business could have grown with the help of a DMP:

You could have made your brand even bigger! 
Brand awareness is crucial for continued growth, but when you’re focused solely on your customers, your own marketing can fall behind. If you’d had a DMP you could have created bigger, better marketing campaigns that expanded your reach, brought in high-quality leads, and fast-tracked your success.
You could have done more for your customers. 
Sure, your customers love you and they’re very happy with your work. But think how you could have wowed them if you’d rolled out a brand-new menu of marketing services? When you have a digital marketing partner, you suddenly have a full-service marketing department on your team. Imagine how much more you could offer your customers if you had a skilled talent pool at your fingertips? 
You could have built a better team.
Don’t get me wrong- your team is great- but there are limits to what small creative agencies can do. Chances are, it’s not in your budget to hire a full in-house marketing team, but when you have a DMP, you don’t have to! Working with a DMP gives you access to all the latest tech and expertise without the overhead costs of hiring in-house. 
You could have spent more time doing what you love. 
Of course you love your business, but let’s be honest, nobody loves EVERYTHING about it! You have an outstanding skill set that got you to where you are today, but that doesn’t mean you’re required to excel in every area! That’s what a DMP is for. They take on the marketing services that you don’t have the time or inclination to handle yourself, so you can stay in your wheelhouse and focus on the high-profit areas of your business. 
This year might be coming to a close, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to accomplish next year! If you’d like to learn more about how Resonetrics can help you build a better business, please visit, https://resonetrics.com/problems-we-solve   

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Grow Your Business with a Digital Marketing Partner

Grow Your Business with a Digital Marketing Partner

Scaling a thriving business should be easy, right? 

You’ve built a solid repertoire of great work, and you’ve got a loyal customer base who loves what you do. You’ve got everything you need to take your business to the next level, so why does it seem like such an impossible task?

Here’s the thing- when you’re running a successful business, you’re already working at max capacity, and so is your team. In order to grow, you have to have the time and the manpower to take on more clients, bigger projects, and new services, but you can’t do that when you’re already at your limit. 

Sure, you could hire a bigger team – if your budget allows it- but what do you do if that’s not an option? 

Consider a digital marketing partner (DMP). 

A digital marketing partner bridges the gap between what your business can do now and what you WANT to do going forward. 

A DMP essentially functions as your off-site marketing team. They can take on any tasks an in-house team would cover without the overhead costs of hiring new staff. When you work with a digital marketing partner, you’ll have the ability to:

Up your marketing game and expand your brand
Enhance your skills as a digital marketing service provider
Offer high-skill, specialized services to your customers without the cost and time-commitment of hiring and training additional in-house talent 
A digital marketing partner gives you instant access to a highly skilled marketing team that meshes seamlessly with your business. They’ve got years of experience and the talent to produce the outstanding results your clients expect. 

Imagine how your business could grow if you had the time and talent to pursue bigger leads, take on exciting new projects, and offer your customers an astonishing array of new marketing services!

Your business can go beyond your current capabilities. When you pair with a digital marketing partner you’ll have more time, more talent, and limitless possibilities. 

If you’re ready to grow your business, check out The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Partner. Download your FREE copy today. 

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3 Essential Qualities of a Great Digital Marketing Partner

3 Essential Qualities of a Great Digital Marketing Partner

Your business is completely unique. There are others who do the same type of work, but no one does it quite like you. 

You understand the nuances of your industry, and you’ve spent years building relationships with your customers. Your clients rely on you and your reputation for excellence, and that’s why it’s so important to find a digital marketing partner (DMP) that truly understands your business. 

There are lots of options out there, but not every digital marketing agency will be the right fit for your brand. 

It takes time to find the right digital marketing partner. You want a DMP that understands more than just marketing. You need a group that understands your mission, your values, and most of all, your customers. 

After all, your DMP will be creating content and marketing assets for you and your clients – if they don’t understand who you are and what you need, they won’t be able to produce the high-quality marketing materials your customers expect. 

When it’s time to choose the right digital marketing partner for your business, here are some things to keep in mind: 


Choose a DMP that understands your clients’ specific business requirements. Different clients require different skill sets – make sure your DMP is equipped to handle them all. 
Find a DMP that speaks the language of your business- especially if you work in a highly specialized field. Communication is key! 
Work with a DMP that can ask the right questions, at the right time, of the right people. Choose a partner that excels in client relationships and isn’t afraid to ask questions and nail down the details you need to meet or exceed your clients’ expectations. 
Finding a digital marketing partner that truly understands your business and the needs of your clients opens up limitless possibilities. Together you can take your business further than ever before. 

If you’d like to learn more about choosing the right DMP for your brand, visit https://resonetrics.com/resonetrics-guides/why-work-with-digital-agency-partner to download your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Partner now! 

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