6 Great Ideas for Your Holiday Video Marketing

6 Great Ideas for Your Holiday Video Marketing

Social media videos have proven themselves time and time again as the MOST effective format for social media marketing. 

Videos help showcase products, drive brand awareness and sales, and increase customer engagement, and the holidays are the perfect time to add video content to your marketing strategy. The holiday season is all about sharing joy and togetherness, and video is a fantastic option for building your brand community and strengthening your connection with your customers. 

Here are 6 creative video ideas to try during the holidays:

Product Showcase
Highlight a top product or service with a sizzle reel that showcases the best features. You can include product demonstrations or how-to clips as well. Video helps customers get a real feel for your brand, and that makes them far more likely to buy. 
Heartfelt Thanks
There is no better way to humanize your brand than with a personal, heartfelt video message. You can use video to thank customers for their loyalty, wish them happy holidays, and even remind them of upcoming sales or events. 
Hype Your Sales
If you’re offering great deals for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Week, video can be a great way to promote them. Highlight your best-sellers and let customers know about all the awesome discounts and savings you have in store for them. 
Behind the Scenes Fun
Trimming the tree? Having a snowball fight? Wrapping a big pile of presents? Grab your phone and share the holiday fun with your customers!
Event Invite
If you’ve got a holiday event in the works, you can use video to invite your community to share in the fun. Invite customers to attend your tree lighting, holiday market, or holiday party with a short video that shares all the important details. 
End of the Year Recap
Reflect on all the great things your business did this year. Let your customers know how much they contributed to your success and preview all the great things to come in the new year. If you’re planning to debut new products or services in 2023, this is a GREAT time to premiere them! 
Holiday marketing videos are fun, easy, and inexpensive to produce, and they bring great ROI!! 

If you want great advice of developing your holiday marketing campaign, we’d love to help! Check out https://resonetrics.com/services/social-media-marketing to learn more about Resonetrics’ social media marketing packages. 

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Who’s Leading the Home Service Industry?

Who’s Leading the Home Service Industry?

2022 is in the books and the numbers are in!! 

Want to know which home service businesses were leading the pack in the previous year? We’re breaking it down so you can see the stats and perhaps consider adding some high performers to your service menu in 2023!

Here are the proven winners of the home service industry over the last 12 months:

Home Maintenance and Landscape Services
The covid-induced trend of home improvement hasn’t slowed down and that’s great news for contractors, builders, and landscape designers! 
People might not be staying home quite as much as they did in 2020, but they’re still committed to making improvements and upgrades. That proves that even post-pandemic, there’s no place like home! 
Interior Design Services
More and more homeowners are turning to professional designers to incorporate their own unique style into their home décor. You can expect the trend to continue in the coming year as homeowners seek new, creative ways to put their stamp on their homes. 
Electrical and Plumbing Services
You know how projects have a way of snowballing? That simple cosmetic upgrade uncovers bigger problems that have to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. Plumbers and electricians are reaping the benefits of the home improvement trend. 
Handyman Services
Homeowners can’t learn EVERYTHING from Google! Even though DIY is on the rise, there are plenty of tasks that homeowners don’t feel comfortable tackling themselves, so handyman services will continue to be in high demand. 
Cleaning Services
Now that lots of consumers are heading back to the office, they find themselves with a lot less time for the care and maintenance that a home requires. They’re turning to cleaning services to keep their homes in tip-top shape so they can spend their off hours doing things that are far more fun than dusting!
If you’re thinking about adding more service offerings this year, you’re going to need to upgrade your marketing plan as well! Resonetrics can help you spread the word and bring in a steady stream of new leads! Visit https://resonetrics.com/problems-we-solve to learn more.

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Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Business owners are approaching 2023 with a good bit of uncertainty. Scary words like “recession,” “inflation,” and “reduced spending” have everyone wondering if it’s time to make some budget cuts. 

Marketing budgets are usually the first ones on the chopping block, but if you’re currently relying on social media for the majority of your marketing campaigns, you shouldn’t be too worried! 

In fact, small businesses might even reap the benefits of big business budget cuts in 2023! Here are some marketing trends to watch in 2023:

Influencer Marketing is Changing
As marketing budgets shrink, collaborations with influencers and content creators are on the decline. Small businesses looking to partner with top influencers may be able to snap them up at a far lower rate, but many businesses are eschewing big-name creators in favor of collaborations with nano-influencers (1-5K followers) that bring more authenticity and personalization to the partnership. 
Cross-posting Content
Many marketing campaigns post the same content across multiple platforms. It saves time, but the results may be lackluster. Marketing experts are finding that creating different content for specific platforms brings higher rates of engagement and better brand awareness.
The Trust Factor
In times of uncertainty, consumers want to know they can trust the content they engage with regularly. Meeting the increased demand for integrity and authenticity increases consumer trust and loyalty and strengthens your brand’s reputation. 
Multi-Sensory Marketing
The use of AR apps and multi-sensory marketing experiences is on the rise. This is great news for home service providers because it gives your clients the option to interact with your brand in a whole new way. Apps let your clients see how your products or services would work in their environment, and that makes them more likely to buy! 
Targeted marketing is nothing new, but your clients have upped the ante when it comes to personalized marketing messages. They want ads tailored specifically to their needs and wants, and that means using your metrics (demographics, preferences, shopping behaviors, etc.) to design ads specifically geared toward different audience segments. 
Bots are Big
As AI capabilities grow, chatbots are becoming a bigger feature on many websites. Chatbots help your clients take action immediately by helping them book consultations, take virtual tours of your project galleries, or by directing them to how-to videos. Chatbots can also answer simple questions so you can save your human power for bigger queries! 
Customer Service
Brand loyalty is built on a foundation of trust and respect. Providing clients with a great user experience, attention to detail, and lightning-fast response times puts your brand on top. 
It’s time to plan your marketing strategies for the new year! Visit https://resonetrics.com/problems-we-solve to discover how Resonetrics can increase your visibility, boost your engagement, and drive your conversions in 2023!

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What Will 2023 Bring for the Home Service Industry?

What Will 2023 Bring for the Home Service Industry?

2023 has arrived, and home service providers are wondering what the new year has in store for them…

Will the supply chain issues that have plagued them since the pandemic began continue to cause headaches across the home service industry? 

Will the looming threats of recession impact customer volume? 

And will they be able to find enough skilled trades people to complete jobs on time??

There’s good news and bad news, so buckle up and see what 2023 is bringing to the home service industry:

Higher Customer Volume
The home service industry has grown over 50% since the pandemic hit, and those numbers aren’t slowing down anytime soon! This is great news for your business, but it’s important to make sure you’re prepared to handle a higher volume of interested customers. 
Do you have a customer service team that can handle those calls? Are your marketing materials and your Google My Business listing accurate and up to date? The vast majority of potential customers will be searching online for home service providers, and you’ll want to make sure your business is at the top of the search results. If you haven’t added SEO best practices to your marketing strategies, 2023 is the time to start! 
Marketing Costs are Increasing
If you’ve been relying on pay per click (PPC) ads for most of your marketing, get ready to spend a little more. 
If you’re not an advertising expert, this might be the year to consult with a professional online marketing team to ensure you’re getting the best ROI for every ad. An experienced marketing team can focus on keeping expenses low while still bringing great results so you can make the most of your marketing budget. 
The Supply Chain Still Sucks
We’re sorry to report that the supply chain is still going to cause big problems in 2023. 
It’s a global issue of too much demand and not enough supplies combined with delayed transportation and delivery, and it all adds up to a big mess! 
Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to solve the supply chain crisis or the increase in prices for materials. What you CAN do to stay competitive is look for creative ways to reduce your costs and pass the savings on to customers without sacrificing quality. 
Skilled Labor is Declining
Skilled tradespeople are aging out of the profession and there aren’t nearly enough younger men and women entering the field to replace them. 
The home service industry has seen a serious decline in skilled labor over the last four years, and unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it. If it’s within your budget to offer hiring bonuses to attract skilled workers, do it. If you’re still facing labor shortages, be honest with your customers and don’t make project completion promises you can’t keep. 
Awesome Reviews are Your Best Asset
Home service providers have always relied on word of mouth to boost their business, and that’s not going to change. The best way to attract promising new leads is with great customer reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Nextdoor. 
Offer happy customers incentives like discounts on future services or premium product bundles to leave a great review that gets more eyes on your business. 
2023 can bring great things as long as you’re prepared for the challenges! If you’re ready to take on 2023 and make it the best year yet, we’d love to help! Visit https://resonetrics.com/problems-we-solveto learn how Resonetrics can help you do more with your home service business. 

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5 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Your Home Service Business

5 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Your Home Service Business

It’s not always easy to find creative new ideas to market your home service business. 

After a while, all those advertising ideas start looking the same, and everything begins to feel a little “been there, done that…”

Here are 5 fresh ideas to give your marketing strategy a jump start! 

Form a Partnership
So many home services go hand-in-hand. Why not partner up with a compatible business to boost revenue? 
You could work with a local real estate agent to get the scoop on new homebuyers that are in need of your services. Or pair with a local designer to help bring their client’s vision to life! Collaboration can be the key to bigger business AND better leads.
Offer Service Plans
Keep customers coming back for more with regularly scheduled service plans. Offering quarterly services, inspections, or additional service bundles is a great way to build long term relationships and promote customer loyalty. 
Your clients will rely on you to keep their homes in great shape, and they’ll be far more likely to recommend you to others when they use your services regularly. 
Focus on the Experience 
Services can be a hard sell! You don’t have tangible products that your customers can see and touch, so you’ve got to promote the experience instead. 
Focus on what they’ll get when they choose your company over your competition. Maybe it’s a great response time, reliable service, top quality materials, or just peace of mind that their home is in great hands. 
Share Your Best Stories
You know that customer reviews are worth their weight in gold, but video testimonials are even MORE valuable! 
Social media posts and ads that include video get far more attention and engagement than their image-only counterparts. If you have an amazing tale of how you saved a customer in crisis, ask if they’d be willing to share their story in a short video. 
Sponsor a Local Event
The more potential customers see your name, the more likely they are to remember it when they’re in need of your services. 
Get your logo out there and be a pillar of your community by sponsoring local events. You could be a patron for your local high school sports teams, organize a canned food drive for your area food bank, or team up with your fellow home service providers to put on a home expo for homeowners and prospective buyers. 
Want more awesome ideas for your next ad campaign? The marketing experts at Resonetrics specialize in bring cutting-edge marketing strategies to your small business. Learn more at https://resonetrics.com/problems-we-solve.

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Resonetrics Solves the Success Conundrum

Resonetrics Solves the Success Conundrum

2022 was a great year and 2023 is poised to be even better! 

Clients are calling around the clock and you’ve got a steady stream of leads waiting their turn. This is great news for your business, but how can you keep your momentum going AND complete all those important projects on time??

You’re facing the success conundrum…

You’ve obviously done a great job of marketing your home service business because you’ve got more customers than you can count. But now that the jobs are piling up, you’re left with no time to create marketing messages and advertising strategies. 

The last thing you want to do is slow down your amazing momentum, but you can’t keep growing without a solid marketing plan in place, and an experienced marketing team to implement and manage it. 

Ready for some good news? You can do it all with Resonetrics!

Resonetrics is like an in-house marketing team, but better. You get a full team of experienced content creators, marketing strategists, website designers, and SEO specialists without the overhead that comes with hiring in-house.

When you partner with the Resonetrics team, you get the support you need to:

Create effective social media ad campaigns on the most popular platforms that increase site traffic, drive more conversions, and bring you better returns on your marketing investment. 
Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and local presence to ensure that your name is the first one potential customers see when they’re searching for your services. 
Design and implement email marketing campaigns that build your client list, improve your engagement rates, and nurture lasting, loyal relationships with your customers. 
Establish a high-performing social media presence that enhances your brand recognition and brings you a steady stream of qualified leads. 
Build a sophisticated, user-friendly website that’s reliable, easy to navigate, and lightning fast.
Your business is growing, and you need a marketing team that can keep up.  When you rely on Resonetrics, you’ll know you’ve got an experienced, dedicated team with the skills to take your business further than ever before! Visit https://resonetrics.com/products/services to learn more. 

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3 Goals that Should Top Your Priority List

3 Goals that Should Top Your Priority List

2023 is officially here. How are you going to make the most of the brand-new year??

It’s important to set short and long-term goals for your business at the beginning of every year, but it’s even more important to set the RIGHT goals. 

You know, the ones that are clearly defined, measurable, and attainable. 

Don’t waste time setting goals that are reliant on factors you can’t control. If you say, “I’m going to finish EVERY SINGLE PROJECT on time and on budget!” You might just be setting yourself up to fail. What if the supply chain slows to a crawl and you can’t get the materials you need on time? What if a materials shortage causes a price spike that you can’t cover within your original quote? 

The world is unpredictable, so let’s base those 2023 goals around things you CAN control. Here are 3 things that should top your priority list as you’re setting your 2023 intentions for your business:

Stronger Local Presence
Potential customers are going to continue to rely on search engines to find home service providers, and you want your name to be at the top of their results list. 
Start by reviewing your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Is everything up to date and accurate? Have you included all the vital information that tells potential customers exactly who you are and what you do? 
This is also the year that you need to make the leap beyond Google if you haven’t already. If you don’t have a profile on sites like Yelp and Nextdoor, get on that IMMEDIATELY! Include all those awesome customer reviews you’ve amassed to put your business miles ahead of your competition!
Master Your Social Media
You probably have a Facebook page for your business, but are you keeping it active? Letting your profile linger doesn’t help you build your business. 
Social media is one of the best ways to build lasting relationships with existing customers and attract new ones. Social media isn’t just a great connection tool, it’s also the MOST effective marketing platform for small business. 
2023 can be the year that you take your social media presence and marketing efforts to the next level. Focus on your content strategy first. When you provide a steady stream of valuable, important information, clients will trust you, rely on you, and most importantly- remember you when they’re in need of your services! 
Enhance Your Email Efforts
Do you know that email marketing is effective AND the most affordable way to reach your customers?
It’s true! 
Something as simple as a weekly newsletter enhances your connection to your customers, boosts your brand recognition, and inspires ongoing trust and loyalty. If you’ve let your email marketing slide, put this at the top of your 2023 priority list. 

You’ve got a great year ahead, but Resonetrics can help you do even more with your home service business! Our marketing and technology experts have the skill to increase your visibility and create a steady stream of new leads, and we’d love to show you what’s possible with Resonetrics on your side! Visit https://resonetrics.com/products/services to learn more! 

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Image!

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Image!

Forget what your Mama told you – looks DO matter!

The home service industry is VERY visual. You want homeowners to know that you provide high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products at a great price, and the proof is in the pictures! Posts with images get over 80% more engagement than text-only content, so if you want to get eyes on your business, you need great images! 

Photos elevate your social media posts, get potential customers’ attention, and make your businesses stand out in the crowded marketplace. 

In fact, the images you choose for your social media posts could be the deciding factor when customers are ready to choose a service provider! With so much at stake, you DEFINITELY want to learn the secrets to choosing the best visuals for your social media marketing. 

Here are 5 great tips to help you choose the right images for your social media:


Choose Images that Match Your Message
You want to choose photos that showcase your skills, your professionalism and the details that set you apart from your competition. 
The home service industry is all about building trust. Choose images that convey trustworthiness, reliability, and quality you can count on. 
Keep Your Brand Identity Consistent
Your business has a look and vibe all its own, and you want to choose images that reflect the unique feel of your brand. 
Select images that are a great fit for your content AND your brand identity. They don’t have to be original (though it’s great to use original photos as often as you can!) but choose stock photos that fit the look and feel of your business. 
Pick Compelling Images
There are thousands upon thousands of stock images to choose from, and you want to pick the one that will get the most attention! Bright colors and strong composition draw the eye immediately and make your post shine in a crowded newsfeed. 
But here’s a helpful tip – before choosing a stock image, make sure none of your competitors are using the same one. After all, you want to be a standout, not a copycat! 
Use High-Resolution Images
Grainy, pixelated photos won’t do much to promote your skills! You want high-quality, high-resolution photos that are crisp and engaging. 
Sizes vary based on platform and the type of image, so don’t assume that a one-size-fits-all approach will work for your visuals! Do some research on the recommended image sizes on the platforms of your choice BEFORE you search for the perfect picture.
Be Original!
The days of needing a ton of expensive camera equipment to take a great picture are over. These days, you can capture AMAZING images with nothing but your phone! 
Try your hand at creating original images for your posts- but there is one caveat, if you’re not a great photographer, it’s better to leave the visuals to the pros. Hire a professional photographer for your top projects to create a portfolio that showcases your amazing skills. 

Want to upgrade your image? Resonetrics can help! Visit https://resonetrics.com/services/social-media-marketing to learn more. 


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6 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a small business owner’s best friend. 

It’s an easy way to put your home service business on the map, connect with countless new leads, AND convert them to paying customers!

But if you’re fairly new to social media marketing, you might have questions about how to get started. We’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts to help you upgrade your social media marketing efforts, improve your visibility, and expand your business! 


Show Off Your Skills with Great Images
When people are trusting you to upgrade their homes, they want to know that they can rely on you to provide great quality work. You know that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? It’s definitely true in this case! 
Provide a photo gallery of your best work- the more varied the projects, the better. You want potential customers to be blown away by your wide array of skills and talents that puts your competition to shame! 
Offer Valuable Content
Sure, your ultimate goal is to get paying customers, but that starts by building relationships. Relationships are built on trust, and the best way to establish trust is by providing valuable, helpful content.
That can take many forms! If you’re a landscaper, create a short DIY video tutorial for container gardens. If you’re a builder, make a list of FAQs for homeowners with helpful answers. If you have a roofing company, put together a checklist of signs that it’s time to replace your roof. Use your expertise to educate customers AND build trust. 
Give Proof
You think you’re the best in the business, but social media makes it easier than ever to prove it! All you need is a group of satisfied customers willing to sing your praises. 
Video testimonials are marketing gold, but a glowing written review of your amazing service is a close second. The more reviews and recommendations you feature on your social media, the more likely you are to get the job. 


Make Scam Promises
You’ve seen those ads everywhere- “Get a Free Roof!” or “We’ll Buy Your House TODAY!!” 
You learned long ago that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and your customers aren’t fools!
Ads that sound like scams are the opposite of trust builders. You want to offer authentic proof of your skill and value, and that won’t be accomplished if you rely on cheesy, ineffective marketing tricks. 
Push Sales Too Hard
Your social media should follow the 80/20 rule. That means 80% of your content should be informational, educational, or entertaining (this is what we mean by valuable content) and no more than 20% sales focused. 
That doesn’t mean you can never post special offers, deals, or promotions, it just means you need to do it sparingly. If your audience feels like you’re constantly pushing them to buy, they won’t stick around long. But if they feel like you truly care about their needs, you’ll have loyal customers for life! 
Post Inconsistently
One of the keys to successful social media marketing is consistency. You need to show up reliably in your followers’ feeds if you want them to remember you. If you post 6 times in one week and then go dark for a month, you’re not going to get the audience or engagement you need to succeed. 
That doesn’t mean you should post a bunch of junk content just to get your name out there! Posting consistently means providing valuable content on a reliable basis. Set a posting schedule and stick to it. You should shoot for a minimum of 3 posts a week, but if you can offer a high-quality content post every day, even better!
Want to learn more about mastering social media marketing? Check out https://resonetrics.com/services/social-media-marketing

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Should You Pay for Leads?

Should You Pay for Leads?

We like to think of social media as free advertising, but is it REALLY???

Sure, there are plenty of sites that let you market your business without charging a monthly fee, but that doesn’t guarantee spectacular results. Anybody who’s ever tried to build a marketing strategy around Facebook knows that organic reach ain’t what it used to be, but does that mean you HAVE to pay to get ahead?

Lots of customers use sites like Angi or HomeAdvisor (which are actually owned by the same company) to connect with local contractors. They do generate new leads for your business- but is it worth the cost? 

Let’s look at some of the potential drawbacks of lead generation services:


Not All Leads are Good Leads
When you use a lead generation service, you’re going to pay for every lead, regardless of whether or not it’s qualified. 
Maybe you specialize in high-end window treatments, but if you get lumped into a generic “window” category, you might get leads for customers who need window washers, or window repairs. That’s not the least bit helpful, and you still have to pay for it! 
Leads Aren’t Exclusive
Leads are going to every company that fits the customer’s keyword search, not just you. So, now you’re competing for leads on a site that’s supposed to deliver them directly to you. 
You’ll have to pull out all the stops to secure new customers, and honestly, you could be doing that on any platform for free! 
Customers are Limited
Services like Angi require members to subscribe to access content. And your business has to be “Angi Certified” to be featured – which, of course, costs money.  
That means that you have a limited number of customers to pull from, AND you’re fighting with your competition to get to them first. That doesn’t seem like a great use of your advertising budget, does it? 
You May Have to Offer Steep Discounts to Attract Customers
Angi shows members results in a hierarchy – and the contractors that offer exclusive coupons to Angi members are always featured first. 
So, not only are you paying to be seen, now you’re eating the costs of a major discount?? Ouch. 
Contractors Give It Two Thumbs Down
The reviews say it all. If you peruse BBB reviews of Angi, you’ll see countless complaints from furious contractors. Not to mention all those lawsuits they’re facing for false advertising and unscrupulous business practices…
When you look at the facts, it’s plain to see that you might be better off spending your marketing budget developing content for sites that DON’T charge you and leave you with suspect leads. If you’d like to learn more about developing a social media marketing strategy that’s truly effective, visit https://resonetrics.com/services/social-media-marketing.


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