Email Marketing

According to numerous recent studies, email marketing is by far the most affordable, accessible and effective way for your clients to reach potential and existing customers.

On average, well-executed email marketing campaigns leverage the trust and goodwill of a clean email list to return $40 in revenue for every marketing dollar spent. Compare this with $22.24 for SEO marketing as a distant second place, and Internet display ads at $19.72.

Our packages use major email marketing platforms to allow your clients to:

  • Build audience lists through appealing, non-intrusive signup forms on their websites
  • Send announcements, notifications and newsletters to full or segmented lists
  • Test new marketing initiatives using A/B campaigns before committing to expensive new rollouts
  • Build engagement and boost sales for retail eCommerce with shoppable landing pages
  • Reach new customers, send personalized behavior-based campaigns, and increase engagement with their apps
  • Find new customers with digital ads
  • Integrate with third-party sites and apps to create more robust outreach
Our Email Marketing Pakages


Weekly Newsletter

We’ll build and distribute one weekly newsletter using your provided content, and manage the platform back end to keep your lists clean and compliant.

$500.00 per month


Weekly Newsletter & Drip Campaign (3-5 Emails/Week)

We’ll build and distribute one weekly newsletter using your provided content, manage the platform back end to keep your lists clean and compliant, and set up and distribute your provided drip campaign content.

$780 per month


Custom list growth plan, plus sales funnel development and implementation

For your clients who already have a basic, regular email marketing program, we will work with you to:

  • Strategize ongoing or single-shot campaigns, messaging, graphic identity/branding consistency and extensions, and targeted list growth
  • Develop, build and deploy planned, intentional and integrated sales funnels
  • Implement and manage all creative production to support list growth and sales funnel efforts, such as development of lead magnets, subscriber drives, content upgrades, incentivized referrals, etc.

Since each client will have a unique mix of needs, quotes for our Best level email marketing programs are generated on an individual basis. Please call to let us know what your clients need.


Custom content creation

Our versatile team of creative talent can develop copy, graphics, infographics and audio and video media for use in your social media marketing campaigns.

Call for a quote on individual client projects

Content consultation

We offer “Rent-A-Brain” consults on an as-needed basis to help your creative team understand what works (and what doesn’t) when developing visual, verbal and media content for social media marketing campaigns.

Flat rate, $000.00/hr., min. X hrs.