Social Media Marketing

Social media is a proven performer and a must-have component of any successful, modern campaign. But there are so many moving parts to understand and manage—Which platforms to reach which markets? What are the most effective formats for each channel? What’s the appropriate messaging voice and tone? How often to participate? Who has the bandwidth to learn all that?

The good news is, you don’t have to.

You just need a sound partner who understands it all for you, and can offer you a turnkey package that fits your clients’ needs. That’s Resonetrics!

We’ve created three standard packages that cover the majority of clients’ requirements to establish a high-performing social media presence that gets results. For each package, we work with you to choose the best platforms to reach your target audiences, then provide engagement management of a program of regular posts and platform-based paid ads, in tandem with your client.

This includes strategically boosting Facebook posts and tracking metrics for organic reach and paid ads.

Our Social Media Packages


Good – 5 posts per week on 3 platforms.

$1,000.00/month plus $150.00 ad spend


Better – 5 posts per week on 5 platforms.

$1,500.00/month plus $300.00 ad spend


Best – 7 posts per week on 5 platforms.

$2,400.00/month plus $600.00 ad spend


Custom content creation

Our versatile team of creative talent can develop copy, graphics, infographics and audio and video media for use in your social media marketing campaigns.

Call for a quote on individual client projects

Content consultation

We offer “Rent-A-Brain” consults on an as-needed basis to help your creative team understand what works (and what doesn’t) when developing visual, verbal and media content for social media marketing campaigns.

Flat rate, $000.00/hr., min. X hrs.