5 Festive Holiday Sale Strategies

5 Festive Holiday Sale Strategies

Business owners have always relied on Black Friday sales to give their profits a final push before the year comes to an end, but that’s not your only opportunity to boost your revenue before the ball drops! 

With a few weeks left 2022, here are 5 smart sales ideas to help you end the year on a high note:

  • Beat the Clock

    Feed the FOMO with limited time offers. Give customers a 24-hour window to purchase products or services at a deep discount, and up the urgency with plenty of reminders that the clock is ticking and time is running out fast! 
  • Give Back

    Your community matters to you, and the holidays are the perfect time to pay it forward. Donate a portion of your December sales to local charities or service organizations, and let your customers know that every dollar they spend with your business benefits your community. 
  • Bundle Up

    Sweeten those holiday offers by bundling a few of your top services into one irresistible sales package. This is also a great time to debut new services as part of a package deal! 
  • Rake in the Referrals

    A long list of potential new customers would be a great holiday gift, wouldn’t it? Plan a holiday-themed referral contest with prizes or substantial discounts for customers who can refer the most leads. 
  • Bargains to Begin the New Year

    Sure, holiday sales are great, but your customers would really love to save a few bucks in the new year when those post-holiday bills start arriving! Offer deals or discounts now for customers who pre-book projects or services for the new year.

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