Here’s What Homeowners Want in 2024

Ever wish you had a crystal ball that could predict the future of the home service business?

Your wish is our command! We’ve put together a list of services homeowners are seeking in 2024. Take a look, and consider adding a few of these to your service offerings:

  1. Get Smart

    From thermostats to appliances to doorbells, EVERYTHING seems to be smart these days. Tech savvy homeowners will need a hand installing and integrating these devices into their homes, so stay on top of the tech curve to meet the demand for these services.

  2. Go Green

    Homeowners are doing their part to promote sustainability and become more eco-conscious by upgrading their energy efficiency, installing solar panels, or converting to native, sustainable landscaping. If your business doesn’t currently offer these services, it might be time to start!

  3. Safety and Security

    Help customers protect their most valuable asset by offering installation of security systems that allow remote monitoring, voice activated systems, smart locks, or security cameras.

  4. Outdoor Living

    People are spending more and more time at home, and they want homes that are designed to maximize living space indoors and out. Services like garden design, deck and patio installation, and outdoor kitchen design will be essential for homeowners who want to make the most of their space.

  5. Storage Solutions

    Ugh, clutter… So many homeowners are struggling with too much stuff and not enough storage. Organizational systems and storage solutions are a great way to help your customers keep their homes comfortable and clutter-free!

  6. DIY Advice

    Offering tutorials, workshops, or DIY guides can boost your relationships with your customers. Sharing your expertise builds trust and loyalty, and a little free advice today can be the thing that makes potential clients choose you over your competition tomorrow.

  7. Health and Wellness

    Self-care matters, and homeowners are looking for new ways to keep themselves healthy and happy. Home service providers that offer installation of home gyms, meditation spaces, or bathrooms that provide a spa-like experience can fill that niche and bring in a slew of new customers.

Are you planning to add new services or products to your lineup in 2024? Resonetrics can help! We manage your marketing initiatives from start to finish to ensure that your ideal customers get your message loud and clear! Visit to learn more!