How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Marketing Goals

Social media marketing has become the gold standard for most small business owners.

Print advertising and other media marketing formats are becoming increasingly expensive, and those prices are often out of reach for smaller businesses. Luckily, social media has given brands an excellent opportunity to expand their reach and build their audiences at a relatively low cost.

However, with so many different platforms available, it can be challenging to choose the best distribution channels for your message. Each platform has unique features that make it stand out from the others, and your ad campaign objectives help determine which one is the best fit for your goals.

Let’s look at some common campaign goals and highlight the social media platform that will help you achieve them.

If You Want to Expand Organic Reach

It used to be one of the top marketing goals for advertisers on every channel. After all, who doesn’t want to reach as many people as they possibly can while spending little to no money? But as social media has evolved, it’s become harder and harder to expand your reach without a substantial ad budget. Luckily, some of the newer platforms excel at organic reach, especially if video is the cornerstone of your campaign.

  • TikTok is no longer limited to the under-18 crowd! They are now the leading platform for vertical video content, and they offer incredible opportunities to expand your brand without spending a cent.
  • YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s answer to TikTok. They’ve increased their organic reach capabilities to compete with TikTok’s astronomical popularity, so you should take advantage of it while this brand-new option is still really affordable.

If You Want More Brand Recognition

Every up-and-coming business wants to be instantly recognizable, and social media is a great tool to help you achieve higher levels of brand recognition. While any platform can help expand your brand awareness, there are a couple that truly excel at this campaign goal.

  • Facebook and Instagram are known for building relationships between brands and their followers. Over 48% of Instagram users follow brands on Instagram, and they boast a far higher rate of engagement between brands and followers than any other platform.
  • Twitter is also a go-to for building brand awareness. Over 90% of businesses use Twitter to improve their brand recognition, and branded hashtags make it incredibly easy to track your numbers and watch your influence grow!

If You Want to Generate New Leads

Everyone wants a steady stream of new leads, right? It’s hard to grow your business if your sales pipeline isn’t filled with potential customers, so many business owners rely on social media to generate leads. In this case, your business determines the best platform for your ads.

  • Facebook is the top choice for many B2C brands, followed closely by Instagram. These platforms are highly focused on engagement and relationship-building, so businesses use them to introduce themselves to prospective customers.
  • LinkedIn and Twitter are the best choice for B2B businesses. These brands often appeal to a very specific customer, and it’s far easier to find them and connect on these platforms.

If You Want to Build Your Online Community

Loyal, long-term customers are the foundation of a thriving business, and they’re deeply rooted in strong relationships and a deep sense of community. Social media can help you assemble, nurture, and engage your community of followers to build lasting relationships and an unbreakable bond with your audience.

  • Facebook is the clear leader for building your community thanks to Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups allow you to create a private group for your audience and provide exclusive content and opportunities for your highly engaged followers.

If You want to Boost Conversions

At the end of the day – your main marketing goal is to make money, so you want to advertise on platforms that bring the highest conversion rates. It makes sense that the largest, most-used social media platforms would be the best picks for boosting your conversions.

  • Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the largest social media platforms with the highest number of users, so there’s a great chance your audience is already active on all of them. Spend your advertising dollars on the platform that is most popular with your audience and also brings the highest rate of engagement.

Social media marketing changes frequently, and new platforms emerge regularly. If you’d like some help choosing the best platforms for your marketing objectives, let us know!