Your Business Needs a Brand Ambassador!

Your customers love you!!

They know you do incredible work and provide great value and impeccable customer service, so they happily recommend you to their friends and family. Some of them are even willing to take the extra step to leave a great review on your website, Yelp, or NextDoor.

But what if your most satisfied customers could do even MORE for your business?

Brand Ambassadors are real clients who love your business and want to spread the word far and wide – think word of mouth referrals on steroids. They’ll take to social media to sing your praises through posts, videos, or other user-generated content, and your company will reap the rewards.

Creating a brand ambassador program for your business can significantly increase your visibility and boost your conversions. A recent Nielson survey indicated that 88% of customers rely on recommendations from people they know over any other form of advertising, so imagine how much your business could grow if you have a pillar of your community acting as a brand ambassador for your business?

A brand ambassador partnership benefits both parties, so here’s what you can do to recruit ambassadors for your business:

  • Identify Potential Brand AmbassadorsLoyal customers with a passion for your business make the best brand ambassadors. Start with your long-term loyal customers, as well as customers who actively engage with your business on social media. Brand ambassadors influence potential customers, so the more well-known and respected they are in your community, the better.
  • Offer Great IncentivesYou want to reward your brand ambassadors and thank them for going above and beyond, and those rewards can come in many different ways. You can offer free products or services, exclusive discounts, gift cards or cash rewards. You can also collaborate with a brand ambassador to promote their business, so everyone benefits!
  • Set Clear GuidelinesWhat are your expectations for your brand ambassadors? Be specific about how often you want them to post on social media, and the type of content that best aligns with your brand identity. You want your messaging to be clear and consistent across all channels, so it’s important to set up guidelines and goals from the start.
  • Welcome FeedbackYou want to nurture lasting relationships with your brand ambassadors, so it’s important to keep the communication flowing freely! Check in with your ambassadors regularly and ask for their feedback. They are a valuable part of your team, and it’s important that they feel heard, respected, and appreciated.

Partnering with brand ambassadors is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow your business.

If you’d like to establish a brand ambassador program for your business, Resonetrics can help! Visit to learn more!