10 Ways to Update Your Content Strategy

Content is king – that’s not exactly breaking news. You know that good social media marketing strategy is founded on a steady stream of high-quality valuable content. But it’s easy to forget that the definition of “high-quality” content is constantly shifting.
The things that were amazing a year ago can be completely passe’ today. And if you’re inadvertently churning out boring, dated content, you won’t get the results you want to see.

Here are 10 ways to update your content and keep your feed fresh!

  1. Audit your current strategy
    When is the last time you really sat down and looked at all the working parts of your overall content strategy? Might be time for a few revisions. And if you’ve been relying on the “spaghetti method” (you know, the one where you throw everything at the wall and see what sticks?) it’s DEFINITELY time to up your game and put in the time and research to devise a targeted strategy.
  2. Build a sense of community
    Having a lot of followers is great, but it’s not enough for the long run. You want to turn your followers into an active, engaged community based around your brand. Keep that in mind when you’re creating new content. Consider options like private Facebook groups to bring your followers together and create a space where they all feel like they belong.
  3. Original content is key
    Sure, it’s much easier to curate content from other sources, but it won’t bring nearly the same kind of engagement as unique, original content. If you’re relying heavily on curated or automated content, try bringing more of your own native content into the mix- you’ll be amazed by your audience’s response.
  4. Video is bigger than ever
    Social media users love video, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. If you’ve hesitated to add video to your content lineup, it’s go-time. Start with pre-recorded if you’re a bit camera shy, but as you get more comfortable, try more live video.
  5. Reinvent the webinar
    It seems like everyone has a webinar these days, so if you want people to attend yours, you’ve got to try something new. Nobody wants to waste a half hour clicking through slide after slide. Go live with an interactive masterclass so your audience can ask questions and share in real time.
  6. Embrace new platforms
    You’re probably juggling several platforms as is, but there might be one you’ve overlooked- YouTube. Now that you’re creating all of that great video content, you need a good place to share it!
  7. Bring back the newsletter
    Companies are breathing new life into the old newsletter. It’s the perfect way to announce company updates, launch new products or services, share your story, or highlight the people behind your brand and send it directly to your customers’ inbox.
  8. Repurpose content
    Original content is best, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the same content in different ways. You need a lot of material, and it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel every time. Repurpose or repackage evergreen content for cross posting on multiple channels.
  9. Focus on evergreen content
    Ephemeral content is popular, but it’s got a VERY short shelf life. Focus more of your content creation on longform, evergreen pieces that can be used in multiple iterations over long periods of time.
  10. Care about your content
    Here’s the thing, if you don’t truly care about the content you produce, how can you expect your audience to care? Write about what matters to your brand. Blog about the aspects of your business that get you excited and fired up. When you produce content that you’re passionate about, your audience will take note.

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