5 Garden Trends to Add to Your Spring Sales!

Landscapers, listen up!

After a long, cold winter, EVERYONE is ready to get outside. Your clients will be calling with lots of ideas for their outdoor space in the coming weeks and you need to be ready. Here are 5 top garden trends that are likely to be at the top of your clients’ wish lists:

  • Freeform Gardens
    Eclectic, whimsical styling isn’t just for interiors! Creative homeowners love integrating unexpected elements into their outdoor space. Think water features, reclaimed materials, and unexpected touches like chandeliers, stained glass, and sculptures. Freeform gardens make use of meandering pathways, less-structured garden beds, and low-maintenance native plantings to create a peaceful, easy feeling!
  • Cottage Style Gardens
    Cottage core is a hot trend in home design, and the charming aesthetic of the English countryside is making its way into gardens as well. Landscapers can create gardens that mimic the look of traditional English gardens without the intense upkeep by using a mix of traditional but low-maintenance plants with hedgerows and traditional hardscaping elements like crushed gravel, stone, or tile.
  • Maximalist Gardens
    Maximalists live by the credo “more is more!” When designing a maximalist garden, don’t be afraid to think BIG. Clusters of plantings in bright colors, whimsical elements, and unexpected features like waterfalls, fire tables, or tucked away arbor nooks for reading and relaxing are sure to please over the top homeowners.
  • Eco-Conscious Gardens
    Homeowners who embrace sustainable practices will be on the hunt for earth-friendly garden practices. Native plants are a must, and don’t forget veggies! Edible gardens give a farm to table feel for eco-conscious clients, and pollinator gardens welcome birds, bees, and butterflies to share the bounty! Don’t forget to offer smart options for water conservation, composting, and herbicide-free weed prevention.
  • Wellness Gardens
    More and more people are prioritizing their mental and physical health, and gardens can be a huge asset to their wellbeing. Wellness gardens often include designated meditation areas, fragrant plantings that soothe and calm an anxious mind, and herbs that can be used in a variety of holistic, healing applications.

Now is the time to add the latest garden trends to your list of products and services! When you’re ready to show off the latest styles to prospective clients, we can show you how! Visit www.Resonetrics.com top learn how a digital marketing partner can help your business grow faster than the wildflowers!