5 Things Every Great Website Needs

Your website has a BIG job!

It welcomes potential clients, educates them about your business, answers their questions, highlights your best work, and encourages new leads to become loyal customers.

Every business has different website needs, but there are 5 things that EVERY great website has in common:

  1. Great DesignNobody wants a clunky, ugly website that looks like it was designed by a high schooler in 1999. Your website introduces your business, and you want to make a GREAT first impression. You need a well-designed, uncluttered layout that has high-quality images and videos and reflects the look and feel of your company. It’s also important to have clear, user-friendly navigation tools that help clients find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
  2. User-FriendlyDoes your website pass the grandma test? If your 90-year-old grandma who isn’t the least bit tech savvy can navigate your site, you’re on the right track. Create a consistent layout with clear visual cues that help users find exactly what they’re looking for. Avoid annoying popups and dead ends and include suggested content to encourage your visitors to keep exploring your site!
  3. Mobile FriendlyYour website needs to look great on any device! You might need to condense your menus or upgrade your formatting to ensure that mobile users get the same great experience as desktop visitors.
  4. Quality ContentIf you don’t fill your website with valuable, helpful, engaging content, your visitors won’t stick around very long… Go beyond the basic homepage with project galleries, FAQs, blogs, and video posts. The more great content you provide, the more likely you are to get conversions.
  5. Clear CTAsIf you want potential clients to take action, you have to tell them what action to take! Do you want them to book a call or consultation? Share your latest social media post? Subscribe to your mailing list? Leave a review? Include a clear, concise call to action that leads clients exactly where you want them to go.

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