Adding Impact to Your Ads

When you’re paying good money for PPC ads, you don’t want your marketing message to get overlooked!

Making your ad stand out in a crowded newsfeed requires great graphics that immediately draw the eye supported by impactful language that inspires customers to take action.

Here are some easy ways to add impactful language to your next ad campaign.

  • Tell a Story

    You’re not just selling a product or service; you’re building a compelling narrative around it. Creating a memorable story that is emotionally engaging to your target audience helps your ad connect with your ideal customer on a personal level.

  • Broadcast the Benefits

    Your clients want solutions, and your products or services are the answers they’ve been looking for! Let your value shine by creating a marketing message that clearly conveys the benefits of your brand and convinces customers that you can change their lives for the better.

  • Keep It Clear

    Use clear, concise, powerful language. Industry jargon just creates confusion for your average homeowner. Alliteration, metaphors, and similes can also paint a vivid picture that makes your message stand out.

  • Create a Sense of Urgency

    You don’t want customers to just see your ad, you want them to take action! Compel them to act quickly by using language that creates an emotional response. Phrases like, “limited time offer,” “Act Now!” Or “Hurry! Don’t wait!” can create a sense of urgency and drive conversions.

  • Include Social Proof

    Don’t ask customers to take your word for it, give them proof! Include testimonials, reviews, and endorsements from real customers to up the trust factor.

The marketing and resonance experts at Resonetrics know how to get your PPC ads the attention they deserve! Before you launch your next campaign, give us a shout!