Picking The Right Social Media Platform

Social media marketing is everywhere. Over 90% of US businesses use social media as a part of their marketing strategy, which means you’ll find profiles for massive global brands alongside your local plumber on at least one social media platform.

You know that you need to have an active social media presence, the question is, do you need to be active on EVERY platform?

Short answer – no.

Here’s the thing, each of the major platforms has its strengths. Facebook is great for building a loyal customer following. LinkedIn is the best place to expand your professional network. Instagram helps you tell your brand’s story and reach new audiences.

The best platform for your business is the one that helps you reach your marketing goals.

But, to discern that, you must first establish your goals. Do you want to build brand loyalty? Grow your customer base? Increase web traffic? Identifying your top objective helps you narrow down your options and choose the most effective channel.

Next, you must determine which platform is the best fit for your audience, and that requires some research. Demographics are a good place to start. You need to know the basics like age, location, gender, occupation, and income level, and where they “hang out” online.

Once you’ve set your goals and studied your audience, you’re ready to choose your platforms.

  • Facebook has the largest user numbers, and it’s a no-brainer for brands who want to stay connected with their current customers. Facebook offers private groups to encourage high engagement among followers and it’s incredibly effective at building long-term customer loyalty.
  • Instagram is a top pick for visual-based businesses, but it’s also a perfect platform to tell your brand’s story and build awareness. Instagram offers features like Stories and Reels that help you connect with new followers and share your brand in a beautiful and authentic way. It’s the platform of choice for businesses that target millennial audiences.
  • Twitter is a workhorse that helps you expand your reach and improve your customer service. You can connect with customers in real time to answer questions, offer advice and solve problems. Using branded hashtags can help you expand your company’s reach and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • LinkedIn is the top choice for B2B companies. You can find potential customers for your services as well as expand your professional network. LinkedIn is number one among users in the 30-49 age group and it’s a great platform for establishing your reputation as an expert in your industry.
  • YouTube isn’t just for teenagers anymore! Any business that produces a lot of video content, particularly how-to videos, should have an active YouTube presence.
  • TikTok is a must for anyone trying to reach audiences in the 18-24 age range. Zoomers, Gen Z- whatever you call them, they’re flocking to TikTok, and if that’s the audience you want to target, you should, too.

Remember, it’s not necessary to be active on EVERY platform- it’s far more important to choose the RIGHT platform.

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