SEO Spring Cleaning

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and it’s time to do some spring cleaning.

Why not try a different approach this year?

Instead of focusing your efforts on washing windows or organizing closets, start your spring cleaning on your homepage!

Your website is the virtual front door of your business and the key to your SEO strategy. The better your website is, the higher your SEO ranking will be, so let’s look at some of the things you can do to clean up your site and boost your SEO:

  • Simplify Your Site Menu
    A cluttered, crowded menu can make it difficult for our visitors to find the information they’re looking for. Greet users with a simple, organized, easy to navigate menu.
  • Organize Your Content
    Categorizing your content into easy to find pages for blogs, services, contact info, testimonials, etc. encourages your visitors to spend more time exploring your site.
  • Create a Content Hierarchy
    Your most important content should ALWAYS come first. Of course, you want your audience to scroll through the whole page, but that’s not guaranteed. Make sure your main message is the first thing they see.
  • Delete Outdated Content
    Content – even really great stuff – doesn’t last forever. If it’s outdated, underperforming, or no longer fits your message, it’s just wasting space. Clear it out and replace it with something more relevant.
  • Remove Bad or Broken Links
    Bad or broken links will drag your SEO down in the blink of an eye. It takes time to test every link, but it’s worth it!
  • Optimize Your Images
    Compress images as needed to increase loading speed – nothing will make a visitor bounce faster than a slow loading site. You should also update your alt text to incorporate keywords and boost your SEO.
  • Audit Your Site Regularly
    Go through your site page by page (preferably with a friend co-browsing to assess your user experience) Test the functionality of contact forms, sign-up pages, customer checkout, etc. Try viewing your site through your visitor’s eyes and update frequently to provide an optimal experience for every visitor.

If you’d like some help with your website spring cleaning, we’ve got you covered! Just click and give us a shout!