The Outdoor Kitchen Accessories EVERYBODY Wants!

It’s the season for grilling and chilling, and that means homeowners want one thing: AWESOME outdoor kitchens!

A basic grill and a little counter space won’t cut it for the discerning homeowner. Here are the top accessories you should offer your clients for their big backyard glow-up!

Top of the Line Grills
No dinky, single-burner, big box specials allowed! Clients want MONSTER grills with chef-worthy features like multiple burners, infrared options, and wireless temperature controls. It needs to be durable, user-friendly, and big enough to grill for a small army.

Your clients are grilling, and the beverages are chilling! Whether it’s a full capacity outdoor fridge, a mini fridge filled with cold ones, or a dedicated wine cooler, a great outdoor refrigerator is a must have for any serious backyard chef.

A backyard BBQ enthusiast is going to require a sturdy smoker. There are TONS of options for smokers, from wood-burning to pellet fired, ensuring that there is a perfect smoker for every client!

Pizza Ovens
Forget overpriced pizzerias! Give your customers their own outdoor models that offer convenience and an unforgettable dining experience.

The worst thing about cooking? Clean up…. Take the pain out of prep and cleaning with sturdy, weather resistant outdoor sinks that offer style and functionality.

Modular storage designs are the big trend for modern outdoor kitchens. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, and they allow homeowners to rearrange components as desired to fit every entertaining need.

Help your clients achieve the backyard kitchen of their dreams by adding some fun new products to your lineup! When you’re ready to spread the word, Resonetrics can help! Visit to learn more.