6 Outdoor Updates Your Customers Will Love!

Gracious outdoor living never goes out of style!

As temperatures warm up, homeowners are looking for new ways to create incredible outdoor living spaces. They want functional, comfortable spaces for playing, entertaining, and relaxing, and these are just a few of the popular features they’ll be requesting:

  • Fire Pits and Fire Tables

    Who doesn’t love a great bonfire? Gather the s’mores supplies and cozy up to a built-in fire pit, or warm up conveniently with a propane-powered fire table that comes to life with the touch of a button- no kindling required!

  • Modular Furniture

    Durable, comfortable outdoor seating that can be configured to fit any occasion is a must! Offer your clients a variety of options that can move and groove in a multitude of settings.

  • Pickleball Courts

    The fastest-growing sport is also one of the fastest-growing backyard trends! Customers love the convenience of having their own court for exercise and entertaining. Grab your paddle and get ready for a pickleball party!

  • Low Maintenance Decking

    Homeowners have no desire to spend their summers scraping and painting their deck AGAIN! Offering low-maintenance, composite decking that stays cool even when the summer is sweltering is a smart move for your business.

  • Home Theater Systems

    Remember when in-home movie theaters were all the rage? Well, the home theater trend has moved outside! Outdoor home theater systems are going to be a highly requested item among homeowners who love to have movie nights or watch the big game with friends and neighbors.

  • Outdoor Kitchens

    Forget the basic grill, homeowners these days want chef-worthy outdoor kitchens! These customizable culinary masterpieces can include anything from pizza ovens to hibachi grills, to wine refrigerators. Your imagination is the limit!


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