You’re the Best in the Biz! Here’s How to Prove it.

You know you’re great at what you do, but that’s not enough to get customers in the door!

The home service market is littered with competition, and a catchy slogan or memorable logo might not be enough to make your company stand out from the crowd.

To attract new customers and crush your competition, you have to prove that you’re the best right from the start. Demonstrating your value isn’t always an easy task, so we’ve got 3 tips that help you show that you’ve got what it takes and then some!

Show potential customers that you’re the right person for the job by:

  • Knowing What Makes Your Company ValuableYour company is unique! Sure, other people might offer similar services, but nobody does it quite like you. Identify those features that make you better than all the rest. Is it your years of experience? Your reliable service? Your specialized products, services, or attention to detail?

    If you can show customers why they need YOU, you’ll get the call every time.

  • Sharing Your KnowledgeYes, you obviously want customers to PAY for your services, but it never hurts to reel them in with a little free advice! Give prospective customers something they can really use, like a seasonal tips list, a guide to your favorite products, Do’s and Don’ts of simple home repairs, or a handy how-to video.

    By sharing the wisdom you’ve gained from your years of experience, you’re showing potential customers that you’re a trustworthy expert who’s looking out for their best interests.

  • Sharing Excellent ResultsA picture paints a thousand words, so you’d better have some good ones! Show off your finished projects with high quality photographs or video tours and let the results speak for themselves.
    Back up your spectacular work with plenty of rave reviews from happy customers, and your phone will ring off the hook!

If you want to learn more about demonstrating your company’s value, or if you’d like help spreading the word about your stellar services, give us a shout!

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