Do I Need a Lead Magnet?

When you’re focused on growing your business, a lead magnet can be an excellent tool for attracting new customers but be warned – not all lead magnets are created equal!

We’ve researched the top attributes of effective lead magnets, and we’re breaking them down one by one so you can create a valuable asset that will bring new leads directly to your door!

What is a Lead Magnet??

Lead magnets are a marketing tool that attracts new customers by offering a valuable resource in exchange for their contact information. They give you their name and email address and you give them a helpful guide, article, or eBook.

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

Effective lead magnets are:

  • Relevant to your customersThey cover topics your customers are interested in and offer valuable tips or advice.
  • Accurate, trustworthy, and not overly sales-y
    You are providing this asset as a gift to your customers, and you need to avoid the hard sell. A lead magnet is designed to promote trust, authority, and loyalty, not push sales.
  • Compelling
    A boring, lackluster guide won’t get the response you’re hoping for. Your lead magnet should be interesting, engaging, and leave your customers wanting more!
  • ShareableYou worked hard to create an excellent freebie for your customers, and the ultimate goal is to have them share it with their friends and family to extend your reach even further!

What are the Most Important Parts of a Lead Magnet?

A great lead magnet does 4 things:

  • Speaks to Your Customer’s ProblemYou know your customer’s pain points AND you know how to solve them! A good lead magnet addresses the problems your customers face and explains how your business is the solution they’ve been looking for!
  • Helps Your CustomersLead magnets should provide answers to their questions, new ideas, or helpful advice that they can easily apply to their lives.
  • Encourages Them to Take ActionYou want to keep the connection going, and that means you have to encourage your customers to make the next move! Include a strong CTA that tells them EXACTLY what you want them to do, like visit your website, book a consultation, or schedule a call.
  • Creates Lasting RelationshipsLead magnets aren’t just a marketing tool, they’re a relationship-building tool as well. When you gift your customers helpful, trustworthy information, you are winning their trust and loyalty at the same time!

Wondering if you need a new lead magnet? Let’s talk!