10 Awesome Ideas for Your Next Lead Magnet!

Want to attract a slew of brand-new customers?

Try a lead magnet!

Lead magnets lure prospective customers by offering a valuable incentive in exchange for contact information. But here’s the key – you have to offer potential clients something they REALLY want.

Home service providers have a very specific area of expertise, and you want to use your knowledge and experience to your advantage. That means creating a lead magnet that speaks to your skills, helps your customers, and sets you apart from your competition. Here are 10 awesome ideas to get you started:

  1. Home Maintenance ChecklistCreate a downloadable checklist that outlines important seasonal or annual home maintenance tasks. You can include helpful extras like a printable maintenance schedule to help homeowners keep their properties ship shape!
  2. Free Home Inspection or Virtual ConsultationComplimentary home evaluations are an incredibly valuable service for homeowners. Focus the inspection on your area of expertise and provide a report that summarizes your findings and recommendations. You can even throw in a special discount for the services that meet their needs to sweeten the deal.
  3. Home Improvement GuideHomeowners often put off maintenance or projects because they just don’t know where to start. An eBook or guide that covers everything from simple DIY projects to when to hire a professional can be incredibly helpful.
  4. Cost Estimation CalculatorIf you’d like to add some techy flair to your lead magnet, offer an online project calculator that helps homeowners estimate the cost and materials for their next big project.
  5. Seasonal Maintenance TipsThis is an easy, rinse-and-repeat lead magnet that you can offer every time the season changes! You can offer helpful maintenance reminders, weatherizing tips, or energy efficiency advice.
  6. “How-To” SeriesIf you have the time to produce a series of video tutorials or webinars, you can offer customers a free subscription to your tutorials when they sign up for your emails or newsletter.
  7. Home Reno Planning KitTake the fear out of tackling big renovation projects by providing homeowners with a free kit that includes checklists, budget templates, design inspiration, and a project timeline.
  8. Emergency Preparedness ChecklistKeep homeowners prepared for household emergencies with a guide that covers the steps to take in a common emergency. Include numbers for local service providers (a great collaboration opportunity!) or emergency services.
  9. Eco-Friendly Home Guide
    Show your customers that you care about sustainably with a guide that educates them on eco-friendly home improvements, green materials, and energy efficient appliances.
  10. FAQs ListYou probably hear the same questions over and over! Choose the most popular queries and create a guide or webinar that offers detailed answers and advice.

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