5 Ways to Get Hassle-Free Reviews

You’ve got a long list of satisfied customers, so how can you use that to build your business?

Good reviews are the ultimate marketing tool, but it’s not always easy to get your customers to take the time to actually write them! We’re giving you some smart tips to take the hassle out of getting reviews and testimonials from your top customers.

If you want to get more gold stars for your business, try this:

  1. Start with Your Social Media

    You might have great reviews lurking in your comments that you haven’t even noticed! Scroll back through your recent posts and look for positive quotes or comments. When you find a winner, reach out to the customer to ask if you can share their comment or testimonial. It’s an effortless way to share your existing accolades.

  2. Conduct an Exit Interview

    Customers are more likely to answer questions than write a review from scratch, so create a standard feedback survey for your customers and send it to them upon completion of a project. You can ask simple questions that ask them to tell you more about how they found your company, what made them choose your business, their satisfaction with your work, and any suggestions that would make them more likely to choose your company again or recommend your business to family and friends.

  3. Put Your GMB to Work

    Your Google My Business (GMB) listing can request reviews for you! Simply open your business profile, select “customers,” then “reviews,” then “get more reviews,” and click the “share review form” button.

  4. Make it Easy with Email

    You’re asking your customers to take time out of their busy day to do you a favor, so make it as easy as you can for them to comply! Create targeted emails for new customers, returning customers, and social media followers that includes a link to your review form or platform so they can click and review instantly. Don’t forget to follow up with a sincere thank you!

  5. Take it One Step Further!

    If you have customers that go above and beyond in the review department, ask them to be an ambassador for your brand. Seek out their opinions and feedback before launching new products or services. Create an incentivized loyalty or referral program that rewards them for their ongoing support.

When you make it easy for your customers to leave a review, you’re far more likely to get the positive feedback you need to set your business apart from the competition. If you want more advice on getting stellar reviews for your home service business, Resonetrics can help! Visit www.resonetrics.com to learn more!