Building the Perfect Portfolio

Seeing is believing!
The best way to show off your spectacular skills to prospective clients is with an eye-catching project portfolio featured prominently on your website.
Here are some helpful tips to help you build a stunning portfolio:

  • Choose Your Best Projects
    Everything you do is awesome, but you want to bring the best of the best to your portfolio. Choose projects that are unique and show off your incredible array of skills.
  • Tell a Story
    Obviously, you’ll need great pictures, but a backstory can add more interest. Include project descriptions, materials, challenges you may have faced, or how your work solved problems for your clients.
  • Make It Pretty
    You need a visually appealing layout that’s easy for clients to navigate. If they find a cluttered jumble of pictures with no context when they land on your website, they might keep searching!
  • Include Testimonials
    A blurb from the homeowners expressing how happy they are with your work goes a long way towards convincing prospective customers that you’re the right person for the job!
  • Update Regularly
    Your portfolio should grow along with your business! Don’t be afraid to include some work in progress features to give customers a feel for your process, and don’t hesitate to remove outdated projects from your portfolio and replace them with new ones.

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