Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Business owners are approaching 2023 with a good bit of uncertainty. Scary words like “recession,” “inflation,” and “reduced spending” have everyone wondering if it’s time to make some budget cuts.

Marketing budgets are usually the first ones on the chopping block, but if you’re currently relying on social media for the majority of your marketing campaigns, you shouldn’t be too worried!

In fact, small businesses might even reap the benefits of big business budget cuts in 2023! Here are some marketing trends to watch in 2023:

  • Influencer Marketing is ChangingAs marketing budgets shrink, collaborations with influencers and content creators are on the decline. Small businesses looking to partner with top influencers may be able to snap them up at a far lower rate, but many businesses are eschewing big-name creators in favor of collaborations with nano-influencers (1-5K followers) that bring more authenticity and personalization to the partnership.
  • Cross-posting ContentMany marketing campaigns post the same content across multiple platforms. It saves time, but the results may be lackluster. Marketing experts are finding that creating different content for specific platforms brings higher rates of engagement and better brand awareness.
  • The Trust FactorIn times of uncertainty, consumers want to know they can trust the content they engage with regularly. Meeting the increased demand for integrity and authenticity increases consumer trust and loyalty and strengthens your brand’s reputation.
  • Multi-Sensory MarketingThe use of AR apps and multi-sensory marketing experiences is on the rise. This is great news for home service providers because it gives your clients the option to interact with your brand in a whole new way. Apps let your clients see how your products or services would work in their environment, and that makes them more likely to buy!
  • PersonalizationTargeted marketing is nothing new, but your clients have upped the ante when it comes to personalized marketing messages. They want ads tailored specifically to their needs and wants, and that means using your metrics (demographics, preferences, shopping behaviors, etc.) to design ads specifically geared toward different audience segments.
  • Bots are BigAs AI capabilities grow, chatbots are becoming a bigger feature on many websites. Chatbots help your clients take action immediately by helping them book consultations, take virtual tours of your project galleries, or by directing them to how-to videos. Chatbots can also answer simple questions so you can save your human power for bigger queries!
  • Customer ServiceBrand loyalty is built on a foundation of trust and respect. Providing clients with a great user experience, attention to detail, and lightning-fast response times puts your brand on top.

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