Resonetrics Makes Email Marketing Easy!

Email Marketing is incredibly effective – if you’ve got time to do it!

Weekly newsletters increase your connection with your customers and help you build lasting, loyal relationships. They also provide an opportunity to shine a spotlight on your latest projects, introduce new services, and even offer specials or discounts.

Newsletters are powerful missives that keep you in the forefront of your customers’ minds. When they’re ready to tackle a new project, they’ll call the contractor whose name appears in their inbox week after week!

There’s no question that email marketing is a highly-effective, low-cost solution for any home service provider, but once again – it’s awfully hard to find the time to craft an engaging newsletter every few days.

That’s why you should let Resonetrics do it for you!

Our email marketing packages help you:

  • Build your email list
  • Send custom targeted communications to segmented audiences
  • Test new marketing initiatives
  • Reach new customers, increase engagement, and improve visibility

There are 3 levels of service to choose from, and each one guarantees you a full email marketing campaign designed to help you connect with new customers, and nurture relationships with your existing clients – and you won’t have to write a word!

Visit to learn more about Resonetrics’ email marketing packages or give us a shout at (email link) and tell us what you need to boost your marketing efforts.