The 3 Keys to Getting Better Customers

Tired of potential customers that aren’t really a great fit for your home service business?

Sick of bending over backwards for wishy-washy leads that can’t commit to a plan or bring the budget to back it up?

We can help!!

Here are 3 great customer engagement strategies to bring the RIGHT kind of leads directly to your door:

  • Know Your CustomerWho are they, what are their problems, and how do you solve them? Mapping your customer journey can be incredibly helpful in understanding what customers are seeking and how they interact with your business.

    How are they discovering your business? How do they engage with your company? What services are they looking for and at what price point? What’s standing in the way of making the sale?
    The more you know about your clients’ buying journey, the better prepared you are to meet them every step of the way.

  • Get PersonalPersonalization is one of the most successful marketing tactics. When you know what products or services your customers need, it makes it much easier to create a customized marketing plan that’s tailored specifically for your audience.

    For example, if most of your customers visit your website to learn more about your pressure washing services, you could up their experience by offering a discounted bundle that includes pressure washing and gutter cleaning. You’re increasing your revenue AND your customers’ satisfaction by offering services that are customized to meet needs they hadn’t even considered!

  • Research Their BehaviorHow do potential customers engage with your website? What pages get the most views? Where is your web traffic coming from? Simple analytics tell you SO much about your customers’ habits. If the majority of your traffic comes from Facebook, that’s where you need to spend your advertising dollars. If one service page is the proven performer, how can you build on that to provide an even better customer experience?

    Look at patterns in your business. Obviously, you know when you’re busy and when things slow down, but do you know why? Identifying ebbs and flows, and the most popular products and services can give you great insight on how to create steady revenue streams rather than living in feast or famine mode.

Stop waiting around for the phone to ring and start bringing customers to YOU! Resonetrics specializes in creating the processes that bring you the biggest selection of high quality leads so you can stop wasting your valuable time on inquiries that go nowhere. Visit to see what we can do for your home service business!