Your End-of-Year Business Checklist

It’s hard to believe, but 2023 will be over before we know it!
As you’re gearing up for the busy holiday season, it can be all too easy to get behind on those end-of-year tasks. We want you to get 2024 off to a GREAT start without stress, so we’ve created a checklist to ensure you don’t miss any of the important details!
Before you close the books on 2023, make sure you:

  • Conduct a Financial Review: Go over all of your financial statements to make sure you’re crystal clear on your current finances. Use that information to set your financial goals for the coming year, build a budget that supports it, and keeps your cash flowing smoothly.
  • Get Your Taxes in Order: Don’t wait until the last minute to do your tax prep! Spring is notoriously busy for home service providers, so getting your tax documents in order now will save you lots of headaches come April! Designate a time to sit down with your CPA or tax preparer to make sure all of your financial documents are in place, organized, and ready to go.
  • Inventory and Inspection: Do you have the supplies, materials, and tools to uphold your impeccable work in 2024? Now is the time to inspect your equipment, schedule maintenance and repairs, and replace the things that are past their prime so that you’re ready to start the year off strong. Plus, you might be able to take advantage of holiday discounts if you act now!
  • Talk to Your Team: Work together to set goals and expectations for the coming year. Welcome their ideas and feedback on what’s working and what needs improvement.
  • Review Your Marketing Metrics: Dive into your analytics to make sure that your marketing efforts are aligning with your key performance indicators (KPIs) Focus on areas that could use some improvement as you’re setting your marketing goals and planning your strategies and initiatives for the coming year.
  • Update Your Paperwork: Make sure that all business licenses, insurance policies, safety measures, and training policies are up to date and meet industry standards.
  • Tech Review: How’s your website? Is it fast, user friendly, and optimized for mobile devices? Is your online presence active and engaging? Do you have the tech tools you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently?
  • Customer Service Audit: Are you consistently meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations? Dive into your reviews and ask for feedback from your most loyal clients so that you can maintain your reputation for excellence in the year ahead.
  • Emergency Planning: Do you have an emergency response and safety plan in place? This protects your employees, your clients, and YOU, so make sure you review this regularly to keep your business prepared for any unexpected situations.
  • Goal Setting: Plan for the year ahead by setting SMART goals for all the vital areas of your business including profits, marketing, customer service, and growth. Involve your team in setting goals and objectives and work together to develop a step-by-step action plan that leads you to your goals.

Getting ahead on your end-of-year tasks means that you can focus on the fun of the holiday season without stressing over your business! If you want to talk about more ways to grow your home service business in 2024, give us a shout at